This Past Week In Our Neck Of The Woods. / Railfanning in Mulberry And Bradley Junction, Florida : Part 1


This Past Week In Our Neck Of The Woods

Railfanning in Mulberry And Bradley Junction, Florida

 It was an interesting week filled with highs and extreme lows. I knew before we left that it PROBABLY would NOT be a good idea to STAY IN A MOTEL instead of an AirBNB. We needed more SPACE. I NEEDED MORE SPACE

Mulberry Best Western Motel

The motel was nice and would have fit most people’s needs. The room was average as far as size. It would have been better if I had stuck to MY PLAN and KEPT the KING SIZE ROOM with a sofa and table.
Danny sat at the only DESK/Table and blocked my going to and from the bathroom.

The bests were very comfortable. And Oh the pillows. 4 each.
After keeping me up ALL night until 2-5 AM , Danny always took a NAP after we got back to the motel. It was my quiet time.
We really needed to computer spaces.

My view from the corner. My bed was my table.
I was very glad I brought my Video player. I watched a lot of videos.
Watching a train go by from our window. It’s WHY I let Danny talk me out of the BIGGER ROOM.
We saw anywhere between 2 and 5 trains each day JUST FROM OUR WINDOW.

If it wouldn’t have been for Danny drinking A LOT EVERY NIGHT and THE HUGE FIGHTS WE HAD, I would have enjoying the motel .
I couldn’t handle his staying UP ALL NIGHT. I had nowhere to go.

The rest of the trip was AWESOME.

Watching Trains At Bradley Junction
Danny has 2 TRIPODS. One for his PHONE. One FOR HIS NEW CAMCORDER. I had three. My DSLR. My smaller Canon and a Vlogging Camera. I haven’t begun to record anything yet. Plus I took videos and photos with my phone. I haven’t done anything with any of mine yet.
I could be wrong but I believe these 2 engines were fairly NEW EMD’s. There’s another name for them. A numeral name.
Before I got too much sun. I wear sunscreen 24/7. So I never burned but I was out in it too long. The rest of the time I sat in the car. At 80 degrees -to 86, that is way too hot. T Shirt : Danny Holt On YouTube.





I ADMIT : I enjoy trying out new cafes and eating out or as the case may be….Ordering From DOOR DASH and Eating IN. We don’t have delivery near us. I didn’t share the photos from Carol’s Cafe. We ate there our first day.
More on Carol’s later.
I ate my way through MOVIE TIME.

It’s a good thing I don’t eat like this very often.

Watching Victoria. Season 1
Chalupa From Taco Bell. Left Overs from Another Mexican Restaurant And Shrimp.
Taco Bell/ Long John Silver

Seafood And FIsh Dinner with FRIES And A Chalupa. Didn’t eat much there so I took it to the motel.
Seafood And Fish. Even the fries were yummy.
Chinese Appetizers
Bean and Rice
A Wonderful Taco Salad.
Beef Tongue TACOS. Oh YEAH.
Thanks to DOOR DASH We got great delivery from all over. Outback
I was in Heaven. Rare tuna. Their famous Onion Rings. My mind went blank as to the name. LOL Fried Mushrooms
Outback Steakhouse
Bloomin Onions.
Fresh TUNA

Watching a Video of the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. A Christmas Gift from Danny.

A not so good takeout . Chicken.