Quieting Your Heart For The Holidays/ Update from Sarah On Week 1 And Life In Our Neck Of The Woods/ Week 2 / By Time Warp Wife

From Sarah :
I am starting this wonderful study today. I wasn’t prepared for it when Advent started last week. I could blame it on the fact we were in Plant City until Tuesday of the first week. I had plenty of time to get ready for it here. I could have shared the first week on time but I chose family (In my case , Danny) and held off. Lighting Advent candles at a B & B could have been done. We had the whole house to ourselves. I still chose not to. I wasn’t ready (in my heart ) to begin.
MY HEART hasn’t been QUIET in a very long time.
I was praying that our mini- vacation would bring us closer and in a way it did. Yet, NOT IN THE WAYS I NEEDED IT TO.

One Thousand Gifts Session 1 – Attitude of Gratitude /Ann Voskamp

https://www.studygateway.com/online-bible-studies/one-thousand-gifts-study-home/session-1-attitude-of-gratitude/ One Thousand GiftsSession 1 – Attitude of Gratitude “Key Scriptures:Matthew 26:26-29, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, John 11:38-44, 2 Chronicles 20:12-22, Philippians 4:11-12 This Week’s Study: One Thousand Gifts Study Guide Session 1; Companion book reading: Chapters 1-3 Next Week: Session Two – Grace in the Moment” https://embed.onq.io/player?id=lx5zwjxrdid720ydso7reyporvug9ano Ann’s Session One Video

What If I Don’t Feel Very Thankful /One Thousand Gifts Bible Study

What If I Don’t Feel Very Thankful? By Laurie McClurehttps://www.faithgateway.com/author/laurie-hausam/ “Friends, you may have heard the news about our next Online Bible Study, One Thousand Gifts with Ann Voskamp, and feel yourself holding back, maybe hesitating a little, because to be honest… you don’t feel very thankful. I get it… This may be a scraping season for you….

Your Guide to a Simpler Turkey Day — ravenhawks’ magazine

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time when family and friends gather to enjoy a meal and each other’s company, however, someone is usually doing kitchen duty and perhaps missing part of the fun. Here are a few ideas to help everybody spend more time with family and friends and less time with the kitchen. Your Guide to…

What Happens After Danny Comes Home 

We have some kind of snack.  Danny leaves to change his clothes. Lunch box gets emptied.  I unload the bucket of ice. Spilling the ice. Leftover hard blocks of ice go into  the freezer. Then we talk about the park. What happened that day. Much of which I already know thanks to the radio. Usually…

It Is Hot And Humid Out

Forget hot and humid. It is sizzling.  Saturday is suppose to be hotter. My view out the window today. What is that doing there? At least they moved it. It was right in the middle of the yard .  One of our deuce- in -halfs. 

I Am Loved – Friday, September 4, 2015

Home! We all dream. We all have things we long for. All this week I worried about how I was going to cope. I’m not suppose to do anything. Not that I could if I wanted to. All this week, I had worried about how I was going to get in and out of Danny’s…

Day 12 – Going Home

It’s been an eventful 12 days here. I’ve loved the AC (not having to worry about paying THAT bill) and the FAST INTERNET. It made me  appreciate MY home again. I  am glad I haven’t had to look out and see all the Caesar Weed growing where it shouldn’t be. The grass that is too…

Our Neck Of The Woods

This is from my Our Neck Of The Woods Facebook Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/sarahsneckofthewoods. Our Life. Lake Kissimmee State Park, Rolling Meadows Ranch and Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, Lake Wales, Florida. Where we work, live, play, cry and most of all Love each other.. Come and sit a spell. Danny and I share so…

Getting Framed. Re-blogging this from Elizabeth Peterson

I love Getting Framed.. From Sarah: This is a must read for those of you who truly miss your hubbies when they are traveling . I really enjoyed Elizabeth’s story. I have a love /hate time when Danny is forced to travel for the state . Fortunately, he doesn’t have to travel very much any more and…