What If I Don’t Feel Very Thankful /One Thousand Gifts Bible Study

What If I Don’t Feel Very Thankful? By Laurie McClurehttps://www.faithgateway.com/author/laurie-hausam/ “Friends, you may have heard the news about our next Online Bible Study, One Thousand Gifts with Ann Voskamp, and feel yourself holding back, maybe hesitating a little, because to be honest… you don’t feel very thankful. I get it… This may be a scraping season for you….

One Thousand Gifts Bible Study Starts AT 9PM EASTERN TIME/One Thousand Gifts Online Bible Study (Study Gateway Official)

“Honest question: Want to change your life? Change how you *see* your life. But how do you change how you see your life? How do you learn how to practice seeing your world differently? The research powerfully shows: Write down gifts in your life & you *rewrite the paths in a your brain* to see…