I Am Thankful For My Bobby Moments Reposted



I was just finishing a post for this morning.
I have been up all night. Hurting. I was hoping to make it through today and tomorrow …then crashing on Sunday…..

I won’t be going in this morning.
They really don’t need me there. I was just going to be checking out the last minutes details for the Event.

I know it isn’t necessary. I have done it all already.

So I am staying home today.
Staying off my ankle as much as possible/

So I can be there Saturday for The Grand Opening Event.
I have borrowed a good camera to take photos all day.

Anyway, I was still feeling a bit sorry for myself.
Until I happened to glance at my Number Of Followers.
I have gotten use to the ups and downs of it.  At least the get a few , then a loose a few.
So I don’t pay quite as much attention to it any more.

Tonight I did.
Bobby was born on 7- 17.
7:17 PM
Weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces.
I was in room 17.
He loved the numbers 7 and 17.

A silly thing to make me smile. Nothing special.
I love those moments.

My Bobby Moments.