Way Too Early To Start My Day /Sarah’s Ramblings

Way Too Early To Start My Day It’s December 12th. Danny’s alarm has been going off for almost 30 minutes. I hate alarms anyway so I really can’t stand “SNOOZE”. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. I got up as soon as the alarm went off the first time. I need to get Danny…

Monday! Monday! Life In Our Neck Of The Woods/ Rolling Meadows Ranch

Monday! Monday! Bah-da bah-da-da-daBah-da bah-da-da-daBah-da bah-da-da-da Monday, Monday, so good to meMonday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would beOh Monday mornin’, Monday mornin’ couldn’t guaranteeThat Monday evenin’ you would still be here with me Monday, Monday, can’t trust that dayMonday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that wayOh Monday mornin’ you gave me…

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things {And Places}/ By Sarah

My Favorite Things – Julie Andrews – YouTube I Admit: I love “The Sound Of Music”.I love everything about it. My aunt took me to see the movie when it first came out.I learned the words to every song and couldn’t stop singing it. Trouble was : I can’t SING. Bobby use to watch it…

Goodbye October: Hello November

Hello From Lake Kissimmee State Park And Rolling Meadows Ranch I have a question: Fall, where are you?????????? It’s been in the upper 80’s. A few days ago it was 89 degrees outside. That my friends is not AUTUMN. No ways near it. I have had trouble finding things to be thankful for this year….

I Am Thankful For An Awesome Event And Being Able To Rest Afterwards – Day 15

I was the go to person for getting everything set up at the park.
Our volunteer co-ordinator made arrangements for the actual event. I am very glad I didn’t have to. Sometimes it is nice to be in the background getting it done and not having to be the person in the spotlight. She dealt with All the media.
Even Danny was left out of most of it.
We got the BALL rolling and worked on it for 3 years behind the scenes.
It was wonderful though for it to be acknowledged officially.


I am tooting my OWN HORN HERE. I ROCKED TODAY. Danny and I Rocked. Lake Kissimmee State Park Rocked. YIPPEE. The Dedication Ceremony Is OVER. The Blueway Trails System has a NEW Paddle Trail. Danny and I can get a lot accomplished when we work together. It started with a DREAM of MINE…Danny liked it….

Merry Christmas From The Holt’s

Merry Christmas from Danny and I. We have had a really good couple of days. Danny’s had to work. I stayed HOME both days. A first for me on Christmas. I am in a good place right now. For this MOMENT, life is good. I am happier than I have been in while. It helps…

NEW- Lake Kissimmee State Park : 11 Mile Buster Island Paddling Trail OPENS -EVENT SATURDAY, November 14, 2015

Lake Kissimmee State Park: Buster Island Paddling Trail Lake Kissimmee is remote and unspoiled, offering endless reflecting waters, stunning stars in dark skies, and excellent fishing. Paddlers encircle Buster Island, a hiker and equestrian’s delight with miles of trails winding between moss-draped live oak. The paddling loop meanders through the Zipperer Canal, Lake Rosalie, Rosalie…

A Roundup. New Life. Rainy Days. Sunsets Sunrises. Park Life

Times are changing once again. All winter volunteers have  left the park. The snowbirds have left as well. It’s time for the locals to come and come they have. In droves…. So the rangers and this year round volunteer are back to doing Scrub downs and other such jobs. Summer is still  not here as…

Our Fall Roundup At The Park-

It was one of our first really nice mornings this fall. We have only had a few NOT SO HOT ONES. Clear Blue Sky…Something we haven’t seen much of. Getting ready to cross the Wooden Bridge Over Zipprer Canal and onto Buster Island. Looking at the Weir. The flood gates/locks are open.This is looking East…

Our Spring Roundup At The Park- April 2015

We were fortunate that the rain held off. Everything around us was WET. Flooding had  already started. It rained all Spring and SUMMER.  It was 86 degrees. HOT AND HUMID. WE Usually DO Our Spring Roundup in May But they were paying more at the time. Mark, Big Josh in the back, Erik and Danny….