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From An Aspiring Writer : “Obstacle Course” In Response to A Daily Post’s Writing Prompt.

“Obstacle Course”.

He writes a short but good article on Don’t Let Your Perfection Become Procrastination.
Check it out…… Please don’t forget to look at it after reading what I have to say.

MY Daily Post’s Writing Prompt : Obstacle Course
My life is an obstacle course.
Just getting out of bed is an obstacle course by itself.

What holds me back?

What do I procrastinate about and WHY?

Dishes and other housework…..Lupus and Fibro Most of the time…
Because I really DON’T WANT TO DO THEM AS                                                                            WELL.

Mowing the grass                          Lupus and Fibro
Lawn mower is broke
I’ll do it tomorrow

Walking                                            Lupus and Fibro
My Ankle won’t support my walking.
Wishing Danny would walk with me.

THERE IS A LADY AT THE PARK THAT WOULD MEET                                                             ME IN THE MORNINGS AND WALK WITH ME…..

Why did I do that?                         PROCRASTINATION.
FEAR ??????
Why Fear?:                                         Fear that I would slow her down and make her NOT                                                                      want TO WALK  WITH ME

I have let Depression and Lupus and Fibro Rob me of my life.

Danny is another reason why I have become the way I am.
I need to take control of my life once more.

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Another Friday Night in Our Neck Of The Woods: July, 10, 2015

Good evening from Our Neck of The Woods and Rolling Meadows Ranch.

Sunset on Rolling Meadows Ranch and Danny working.
Sunset on Rolling Meadows Ranch and Danny working.

(The Picture above:
Danny was working on the electric gate after hours. It’s park related and should be done on the clock.
It is way to hot to be working at our ENTRANCE when he first comes home. Way too hot and SUNNY or it is storming…..)

Another work week has ended. Danny’s short one. He only worked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
This one just seemed longer. Maybe because we had so many errands and doctor visits on Monday and Tuesday. Plus we had that argument/fight a few days ago and my system is still out of whack.
I am venting a little. Hopefully not too much. I am in pretty good spirits. Just really tired and sore. Mentally tired as well.
I’ve been stressing more than usual. We haven’t made it to WalMart yet and we really need groceries. Sad, thing is: We need toiletries and other supplies as much as we need food. We have enough food thru Sunday….minus a few cans of soup.

We need food.
We need food.

Danny has never understood the need to stuck up and keep it stocked.
Give him credit: it is hard for us to really do that with the limited amount he makes.
It is really getting harder for us to make it on his salary and I don’t get that much from my disability  yet.
Anyway, We are both exhausted. This weather is wearing us out and I am inside most of the time.
Danny comes home whipped after 8 hours outside.

Danny was really late coming home tonight. Usually I hear enough on the radio to know what is going on and if he will be late.
So I go in to the kitchen around 3PM as I always do and turned on the AC there.

It was 86 degrees in the kitchen when I first went in there. By the time I got the phone to take a picture it had gone done a degree. Only 85.
It was 86 degrees in the kitchen when I first went in there. By the time I got the phone to take a picture it had gone done a degree. Only 85.

Got a few last minute things done and then sat down at the computer to wait for him to get home. He gets off at 3:30 so he is always home by 3:45 till 4PM depending on if he has to do anything in the Ranger Station.
The radio had been QUIET, especially for a Friday afternoon so I thought he would be straight home.
So Mr. Bojangles and I waited and we waited and we waited.
By 4:45 I was getting a little “ticked off ” because he hadn’t radioed to say he’d be late. He knows I am always waiting.

One thing about Danny. He always comes straight home.

So when he wasn’t home by 5 PM and there had been NOTHING on the radio I was getting worried. No email. No calls. I checked the ANSWERING MACHINE. Nothing.
I got worried.

So I went to call over the radio.

I got an answer right away.

Long story short:
One of our guys broke down outside of Orlando this afternoon. He was in the State’s  Truck pulling a trailer with a deuce and half on it. Off the side of the road.
All of this was off the radio.

SO I had no idea he wasn’t even at the park.
Danny and our Assistant Manager when to pick him and the truck up.
Danny forgot to call me. He forgot everything had been said over the phone  NOT the radio.
I couldn’t even get upset with him. He never forgets to call me or message me.

After he got home and we talked for a short while. I went to the bathroom and just started shaking.
Silly or not. I had been worried that he’d had an accident on the way home.
He is just that prompt.

We made a quick trip to the little store down the road. I have a Marathon of Shows to watch this weekend. Maybe tonight.
We splurged and picked up a few things for me to eat while watching them and for Danny to snack on as well.
Then I felt guilty for spending the money.
It was less than $20.00.

So that is my rant for this evening. I really need to be putting these rants somewhere else but haven’t yet.
Hope everyone is happy or at least winding down from their week.

So goodnight- at least for this post.
Hugs Sarah.

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My Emotional Rollercoaster.

Overwhelmed, Frustrated, Angry, Hurt, Upset And Always Emotional.

A quick job of making the bed
A quick job of making the bed

Today started off like so many other days when Danny is off and we have doctor’s appointments. Danny’s alarm went off about an hour before we NEEDED to get up. Then he did the “SNOOZE” thing for the next hour.
I will never understand “SNOOZE”.
I am not a morning person. I hate it. I seldom feel good.
Yet, when we have to get UP, I get up almost right away.
I do not want or need a “SNOOZE” button.
Unlike Danny,
So I got up soon after the alarm went off.
I didn’t want to lay there getting irritated.

We had a good drive to the doctor’s offices. They are right NEXT to each other.
Back to back appointments.
In and out took awhile but we did it.
Everything went well.
Normal stuff. All routine.

Waiting for the doctor
Waiting for the doctor
Danny waiting for the doctor.
Danny waiting for the doctor.

On our way to eat. Danny took the back way through Davenport. A small town near where his old house was. He wanted to show me something NEW to both of us.

Recently , Davenport tore down their old watertower.  The company that tore it down gave this to the city. Parts from the original water tower.
Recently , Davenport tore down their old watertower.
The company that tore it down gave this to the city. Parts from the original water tower.


We had a good time here. Unexpected on my end. Danny wasn’t in a hurry. I was able to take pictures and I did.
More to come later.
We kissed.

Then Danny said we were going to ALL STAR’S.
My mood dropped.
One of the things I look forward to when we go to the doctor’s is :
we don’t go to ALL STAR BAR AND GRILL.
Don’t get me wrong. The food is great there. We are weekly or every other week regulars.
We usually sit at the same place AT THE BAR.
I drink ice tea most of the time.
Walmart is right across the street.
It is still a BAR. WE SIT AT THE BAR. I get tired of it.
Danny doesn’t always drink…he just likes sitting there. I don’t mind it.

We don’t shop ANYWHERE but Walmart. WHY?
I really don’t know except that it is the closest to our house . We can get Everything there at one trip.
YET, Danny hates it.

So we weren’t suppose to go to All Stars because we didn’t need to go to Walmart.
So where did we end up?
All Stars.
I did good.
I kept my mouth shut (for the most part).
We weren’t there long.
The ride home was good.
We had a nice few hours.
Then WHAM!

I didn't WALK away. I exploded.
I didn’t WALK away. I exploded.
I just need something to sharpen it with. I can sharpen it. I have before. Many times.

I asked Danny to get something for me to sharpen my clippers.
Clippers isn’t the right word but it’s one of those times I can’t think of the right word.
I never asked him to sharpen it. All I did was ask him to get a sharpener…Again, there is a better word but I forgot was it was.
I won’t go into it but Danny Blew Up.
It’s been a long time since we have had an argument like this.
I really meant to walk away even though it angers Danny. I didn’t want to fight. I didn’t want to YELL.
I never made it.
He said something and I blew up. Then I walked off. Crying.
The sitting down on the floor in the master bathroom SOBBING.
It didn’t end there.
We got past it. Danny acting as if it never happened . My walking around not saying much of anything.
He went to bed and is sound asleep.
I am awake, going over and over it.

Danny won’t say another word about the argument. He won’t ever say he is sorry. He isn’t.
I can’t say it this time. It would cause more negative things to be said.
So I need to just let it go.

This has just been a rather rough week.
Both of us are worn out from the heat.
I am always hot…even inside.

Tim and the girls
Tim and the girls. Leah and Lillian. 

10919014_1457347234576691_3430445242146158355_n 10156139_1457347304576684_7143781393412946739_nMy nieces birthday was Monday (yesterday).

I talked to her and the kids. We messaged on Facebook.
All good. Except , I miss my family. We live so far away from everyone.
I miss Bobby, whose birthday is July 17 and he won’t be here once again.
I am doing ok there. Really. Outside. I wear my mask well.

I talked to my dad.
Now that was hard.
He is staying with my sister for the summer ……Health issues.
My parents got old the last few years.
Now Mom is gone.
Dad’s aged 10 years since then.

I am STUCK in Florida.
Everyone I love is in Illinois.

Or in Heaven.

I am still doing good.
Over all.
Outside where everyone can see it.
Only thing is:
No one sees what is inside :
Not  even Danny…..

I don’t see anyone else here except occasionally…….
I am working on the blog and other media sites.
No one even knows this :
Except for those of you HERE ON THE Blog.

Danny has no idea.
I have mentioned the blog: In passing.
He has never asked.

He shares everything about work.
Over and over again.

We don’t really share what is going on in
In Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures.

He has heard me mention Sarah’s Attic.
He knows I post about the park.
He has never asked me anything about it.

I have over 10, 00 fans on FACEBOOK Sarah’s Attic of Treasures.

I have had them for 2 years now.

I must have done something RIGHT.

We use to share so much more.

We still talk for hours, Yet, he never asks what I do all day when I am not working.

No one around here knows.

No one knows
except for YOU.


1998 My family
1998 My family

I miss my old life.
I am trying so hard to improve things now…..In the present.
I want a future with Danny .
I want us.
I also want and need to be happy. To be understood.
To be loved.
I am loved.
Danny loves me.
Oh he loves me.
I have no doubt of that.
I love him.


Ending here.
I wrote more than what I intended to.
More than what I probably should.
Yet, Someone NEEDS to know.


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Good Morning From Our Neck Of The Woods – Thursday, June 24, 2015

Good morning to MOST of you. I started to write this around 11:30 and then decided to upload a few pictures. That meant finding my phone and then finding what I needed to upload.
It is now 12:05 PM as I start to write this.
Good Afternoon from Our Neck Of The Woods and Rolling Meadows Ranch.
My spirits are better than there were yesterday morning.
It took me WAY TOO LONG to snap out of that MOOD.
I finally just went to bed and got some sleep.
I was able to sleep for a short while. As an insomniac, I will take what rest I can get.
Danny and I had a good day yesterday.
When I got past being selfish….I knew he needed the day off.
Allergies and the heat had taken their toil.
We relaxed. Worked and played on on separate computers either in different rooms or together,
I will sometimes take my laptop in his computer room. I don’t like his room because it is a mess. He needs to throw out a number of OLD computer THINGYS…Large and small.
There are no pics on the walls.
And HE Blocks the window view of the great outdoors.
It is nice though, to just sit and do our separate things……together.
We spent time watching video on his computer.
He spent a lot of time and MONEY setting up our Entertainment Center so we could watch these SAME videos from the TV in the LIVING ROOM in the comfort of our recliners.
So WHY watch them on his laptop in his computer room?
That is where he was watching them BEFORE HE yells out
“Sarah, Come watch this”.
I never know WHAT he will want me to watch.
I put on a smile…or try to and off I go.
Yesterday we watched videos on :
Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the Calypso.
We watched his life story. The history of the Calypso.

A video on the Grouper and it’s Spawning Cycle.

At some point I asked Danny to play
John Denver’s Calypso.

John Denver  talks about Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
It’s A beautiful Song.

Then we found a few videos of the trip John Denver took with Cousteau on the Calypso.
I really enjoyed that one.

I am a John Denver Fan.
Bobby and I also met John a few times …..not at Concerts but in Aspen, Colorado. (We did see MANY of his Concerts).
One of those times we ended up at his home. This was when he was still married to Anne and the kids were small.
Anne sent Christmas Cards to us for years.
Shortly before John died , Bobby and I were in Branson , Missouri.
My best friend, Dan (He is the one who first started calling me Sarah…..back in high school,) was a singer and back stage soundman in Branson.
John Denver was playing their and we all had back stage passes.
I met many singers that way.
WOW, when I get rambling , I get ramblin.
I haven’t been in a talkative mood for awhile now.

As you can tell, we had a good day.

This morning started off normally .
The alarm went off at  6 AM.
I was being lazy so Danny was in the kitchen before I was .
All of a sudden I heard,
“Sarah, You’ve got to see this.”
Danny seldom talks in the morning and  Never yells.
So I got up as fast as my slow mowing body would let me…..
and headed to the kitchen when he was.
I looked out the back door that was opened.
There was most of the OLD grapefruit tree, lying on the ground,
The same grapefruit tree that lost a heavy limb (Last week), shortly,
AFTER I moved Danny’s truck back where it is suppose to go.
So A near miss.
Last night , Once again…. the truck was MOVED from that very spot where the tree is NOW LYING.
Because I was afraid the TREE would Break APART.
I love being right. It doesn’t happen often enough.
This is the same tree I often take pictures of….Usually with a bird or 2 in it.

I will do a post on the Grapefruit tree and what it has meant to us these last few years.
For Now here are a few pictures:

I will miss the birds on the branches.

Our Grapefruit Tree
Our Grapefruit Tree

See the Cardinal?

This Morning
This Morning
We had been talking about cutting it down. Well, Now we don't have to.
We had been talking about cutting it down. Well, Now we don’t have to.

it is now 1:15:
Have a good afternoon.

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Good Morning From Our Neck Of The Woods- Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Part 2

My MOTIVATION AND GIDDYUP  & GO,  Giddied UP & WENT when Danny got up at 6 and said he was taking the day off.
I was longing to turn up the  music and get my books sorted and put where I wanted them to go. It has been a long time since I really wanted to listen to anything.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not MAD that he took the day off since I tried and tried to get him to call off yesterday.
I am Very Frustrated that my mood sank that quickly and my motivation along with it.
Yes, I can still do everything but listen to the music like I wanted to,
It’s just I was excited this  morning for the first time in a long time.
Danny’s going to be in and out of the Den and kitchen area and we’d be in each other’s way if I went ahead with my original plan.
I can do it tomorrow.
I had to laugh at the
“I can do it tomorrow” because that is some thing I don’t normally mind doing.
What I didn’t like is saying he was hungry and wanted BREAKFAST > NOW.
Danny never eat breakfast before he goes to work. He never eats breakfast before 10 AM if he is home.
What did I do?
I made him breakfast.
But he got “THAT LOOK” .
More than once.
Ok, I am done with my ramblings about nothing important for this morning.
Aren’t you glad I don’t usually post at this time of day?

Have a good hump day.

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Good Morning From Our Neck Of The Woods- Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It’s going to be an all nighter tonight.
It is 4:28 AM.
Danny’s alarm will go off at 6 AM.
What have I been doing ALL night while MOST of you have been sleeping?
WELL, I got motivated.
If it wasn’t for the fact that Danny is sleeping, I would already have vacuumed.
I’ve been wanting to redo a few things around here.
A lot of things need rearranged. Cleaned and straightened up.
So I started. I cleaned out the small bathroom vanity. Most of what was in there belong to Danny’s and he doesn’t use that bathroom except to PEE.
So I rearranged and took some things out. Threw others away. Now there is room for some towels and toilet paper.
I rearranged the top of the sink/vanity and cleaned it up a bit.
I have some more thoughts on what to add to that room.
I have a mess in the kitchen. I have a ton of books stored in there. I will post pictures SOON of what I am doing. Danny was suppose to build me some book shelves right after we moved in…almost 4 years ago.
I should have know it wouldn’t happen. So the books are going back in the den (My computer room/study) where they belong. Without the shelves.
This should help tidy up the kitchen counters where my cook books are. I wish I still had all the ones I had collected.
There is so much I am ready to do NOW that would make too much noise.
I just hope my motivation hangs on until after Danny leaves.
At some point, my body is going to realize it at least needs to lay flat.
I am feel better  (at this moment) than I have in a long while.
I am clear headed for one. Not quite as sore.
And relieved that no matter how much grass is still needing to be mowed….IT JUST ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN THIS WEEK.
We need a new BELT.
So GOOd Morning From Florida and Our Neck Of The Woods.
Have a wonderful Wednesday,
Smile and be happy.

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Our Neck Of The Woods – Summer – ENOUGH ALREADY- Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Entrance  to Rolling Meadows Ranch hadn't been mowed all month. More than that.
The Entrance to Rolling Meadows Ranch hadn’t been mowed all month. More than that.

Summer needs to go.
Ok, even I know that is just not going to happen.
Seriously though… Danny has lived in Florida, All. But 6 months of his life. Even he is not doing well with the extensive heatwave we have had.
We never had a Fall or Winter. Not really.
A few days of each was all we had.
We had months of NON-Stop Rain. 9 months of rainy day.
It really wasn’t non-stop but enough that the Park was flooded MOST of last year. All of this year.
Not everywhere. Just a good part of the park, it’s trails.
Rolling Meadows Ranch has done better overall. The Northern part has had more rain and is flooded still.
We are watering our grass every day.


Not for a lush green lawn.
What is that anyway?
We are watering so we don’t have a BROWN yard all summer.

So our section needs rain. Bad.
We need the rain to cool things off a bit. We are getting just enough to STEAM it up a bit more.
I am trying. Have been trying to be positive about the weather here.
When we are above 90 for 3 weeks in June…. Hit 90 and above a good part of MAY.
It 99 and above already this year……
It’s impossible.
I can’t keep up with the mowing.

I miss being able to drive the tractor and Mow the larger areas.  I got BEHIND.
I miss being able to drive the tractor and Mow the larger areas.
I can't keep up.
I can’t keep up.
I was so glad when the gas tank HIT E.
I was so glad when the gas tank HIT E.

Can’t mow now until our Budget gets approved in July.
We can’t buy anything.
We meaning the STATE and Lake Kissimmee State Park and Rolling Meadows Ranch.
The lawn mower needs a belt. A John Deere Belt. It needs to be serviced. It might need a new tire.

That poor tire.  Flat again.  Someone BORROWED our tire mending kit. Both of them. SO I air it up. It's easy to do.
That poor tire. Flat again.
Someone BORROWED our tire mending kit. Both of them. SO I air it up. It’s easy to do. .

We need more help.
Actually, and I shouldn’t say this…but we NEED all STAFF to do the work they get paid for.
Granted, they don’t get paid nearly enough. Danny can’t do it all.
I physically, can’t do much at all.
We are tired.
The heat and humidity have worn us out.
Really worn us out.

Our Side of the Entrance gate to Rolling Meadows Ranch
Our Side of the Entrance gate to Rolling Meadows Ranch
The right coming into Rolling Meadows
The right coming into Rolling Meadows
Part of the Entrance
Part of the Entrance. 

Fence needs to be painted again. I didn’t get to it this winter. Or Spring.

The road coming In
The road coming In
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Today in Our Neck Of The Woods- June 16, 2015

I am so tired but for once it is a good tired. Good because I am tired from DOING something, physical.
Yesterday I wrote how Danny and I were getting back to NORMAL .
(Normal for us anyway- we will NEVER be considered normal to MOST people we know- we actually like each other and spend hours a day with each other……even when we don’t get a chance to work together. We are hermits when we get behind our closed gates)
Back to early work days and early getting home…for Danny anyway. I spend most of my time right at home here on the ranch. That can mean anything. Home in the house, Home working in the yard or at the bunkhouse. Home mowing . Or working beyond the compound here.
Today, was a mixture of it all.
I was OUTSIDE for 5 hours. Much of that was on the lawn mower…..Then pulling weeds, mainly Caesar weeds. Watering. Taking care of the rabbit… cages.
I miss riding the tractor.
I got the mowing done elsewhere (meaning the outlying  areas and the back of the bunkhouse….Entrance and the drive in or out) in no time. Now I never get it all done.

Our Neck Of The Woods. Rolling Meadows Ranch
Our Neck Of The Woods. Rolling Meadows Ranch
Grass Got Mowed
Grass Got Mowed
Our Cracker house from as seen  the bunkhouse
Our Cracker house as seen from our dirt road.
The lane as seen going to the entrance and the front gate. A mile there and back.
The lane  going to the entrance and the front gate. A mile there and back.

We do live in a wonderful place that God Created. We are very fortunate to live here. Not many people ever see this piece of property.
We are ONLY caregivers. Hopefully sometime , in the NOT too Distant Future, we will be able to open sections of it to the public.
Horseback riding and hiking.
That’s it for this post.

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Monday, June 15, 2015 : Back To Normal Here Once Again.

What does NORMAL for us mean?
Danny went back to the Early Field Shift this morning. He’d had his normal week of Late Field , plus most of a second week of it and then he was off this past week. So we got to sleep in and stay up really late. Into the wee hours of the morning sometimes. So when his alarm went off at 6 AM it meant that I had to get up and get him off.
I went to bed around 2 AM. Danny was up until almost 4 AM.  He made enough noise when he came to bed that I had trouble going back to sleep. I don’t sleep well over all anyway.
His shift is 7 AM till 3:30 PM. He gets home around 3:45 if he is on time leaving.
He has iced tea to cool down.
Sometime around 5 we have wine and snacks. Or he has wine and snacks.
I like to drink a glass or 2 but the last few months the wine has made my hot flashes worse. I get hot all over right after drinking my first glass.
It never use to do this.
I try to have chips and dips (home made dips) and or finger foods….. Veggies as well. We both like the veggies and I don’t need the chips.
More and more, I am eating my supper then, instead of the snacks.
Danny will eat right before he goes to bed. No matter when that is.
It was and still is hard for me eating by myself. I grew up in a family THAT ATE TOGETHER.
I raised Bobby the same way.
Anyway, thing are back to normal here.
I got motivated and mowed part of the yard. It should have been done last week already.
Then I got laundry caught up….Well, washed and dried…I still have to fold most of it. Putting it away….??????
Spent time on the computer with park work for Danny.
Just now getting on for “ME”.
Danny laid down and fell asleep.
Yep, it may be awhile before we /he adjusts to early mornings again.
I can usually go back to bed after he leaves.
I’ve rambled enough here.
Not much goes on this time of year.
Have a good evening…
Hugs ,

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Sarah’s Daily Life: Nothing Is Working: Is It Me Or Is It The Slow Internet and Computer Issues? June 10, 2015

Same Pic from Last night. Desk top and TV In the LR Where I am sitting now.
Same Pic from Last night. Desk top and TV In the LR Where I am sitting now.
My Gateway: also posted last night. Where I sit during the day when I am not on the porch or on the desk top. I love looking out the French Doors. This is where the one deer always comes to.
My Gateway: also posted last night. Where I sit during the day when I am not on the porch or on the desk top. I love looking out the French Doors. This is where the one deer always comes to.

My life right now is one big BORE.  I actually laughed at that so I must be in pretty good spirits.
It’s been raining again. Good for the grass seed. Bad for the flooding going on everywhere. The park is still flooded in places and has been for MONTHS.
Our section of Rolling Meadows Ranch is a bit higher so we actually dry out quickly. But that is not what this post is all about. Last night I rambled about the laptop not working.
Well after a restore …..uploading all the updates or most of them….some are still being added and after uploading Norton AGAIN….. With ALL of their updates…….The computer is working BETTER.
I said better.
Not great. Not even good. So I still need to tweak it some more. I usually can fix it.
If I can’t…and I pray I can…..Because EITHER I Leave it the way it is OR I ASK DANNY TO WORK ON IT.
Danny loves working on computers. Desktops. He loves building them. Which is why I have this desk top and he has just built himself one. His lap top was wearing out.
His GATEWAY, that I bought him crashed and burned a few years ago.
Mine Bought at the same time STILL WORKS AND WORKS WELL.
It is almost 9 years old.
I mentioned it last night also.
I bought the Gateways with the money I got after Bobby died. SO I am hanging on to MINE with everything I have. I have Danny’s and it is used for parts. It has EP on it. I thought of updating it. We really can’t afford to. I decided not to because It has so many programs on it I use all the time.
AN old Office program that I use for WORK. None of my other computers have one. So much more.
I am still in a RAMBLING MOOD….not sure why except Danny’s been working in his computer room…Working is not the right word but I will leave it for now. LOL.
I totally got of the subject:
Mine especially. So I haven’t asked him to LOOK AT MINE. It will take him hours to fix it….probably.
To get back to the original subject: the title:
Word Press seems to be acting up.
I got tired of seeing
Danny just yelled out: “Do you have internet ?”
Well, that at least answers one question. Yes, I have internet but IT IS SLOW.
His came back on….
It does this all the time.
Still doesn’t explain not getting past the
On any of the computers……
The lap top is still uploading programs.
So I guess I am stuck here for awhile.
Oh How did I get the lap top? Danny promised me a NEW one.
He found one.   A Returned New One from someone else…fixed and put on Amazon.  Cheap. Well under $100.00. So not the new one I wanted but I was very glad to get it.
Right after it came. Danny built the desk top and gave it to me.

So I went from an old computer I need to save to having 3 computers.
Still wondering when I get MY PHONE THAT WAS PROMISED 9 years ago?
But that is another ISSUE FOR ANOTHER DAY.
I am done with this post.
Aren’t you glad?

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My Ramblings : Why I Put Up With My Lap Top And Didn’t Use My Desk Top When I Needed To.

The posts today should have taken me no time at all to do. The internet was slightly faster than snail pace….. Not quite that bad but pretty darn slow.
It was, still, noticeably faster for awhile. Go Figure.
Yet, My laptop went berserk. My fault because I should have taken care of the issues before I started posting today. Every few minutes it would lock up…at least the pages would lock up.  It’s been doing this for a week now. Getting worse each day.
I could do a few other things but nothing I wanted or needed to do.
I told myself…as soon as I posted this ONE last post I would do a Restore on it.
I was putting it off because I will have to reinstall Norton and all of it’s UPDATES and all of the other updates installed the last month.
We all know what I am talking about. When computers work, and the internet works ….everything is hunkey dorey.
I like my desk top except for where it is located.
In the Living Room.
Where I really can’t see much outside and the walls are still bare and WHITE.
Issues with Danny there.
The desktop is  hooked to the TV and we watch movies off the server .  At least I watch them. Danny use to but hasn’t watched one in here since Christmas Eve.
So why is the TV and the desk top STILL in the living room and not in the enclosed porch where I want it? In case Danny wants to watch a movie . His Recliner is in the living room…
I could go on but you get the picture.
Anyway, the issues with the laptop COULD have been avoided sooner if I hadn’t been wanting to sit in the porch so I could look out  the windows all day.
SO It was ALL my fault.
This desk top WORKS so much better than the lap top overall. WHY? It has Windows 7 ….Not Windows 8.1. It’s got more RAM . More everything.

I am rambling .About nothing important…Just a NORMAL chain of events for me.

My View From the Porch
My View From the Porch
My View From The Porch
My View From The Porch
My View from the living room AND the Porch.
This is where my laptop and the TV are.
This is where my laptop and the TV are.
Same view. Just further away. The porch is just to the right.
My Old Internet Explorer GATEWAY Computer that Still works better than my newer laptop. I just can’t get some programs. But then my newer one doesn’t have A LOT MORE THINGS. LIKE OFFICE.

The above picture is from the den. I sit there a lot with my newer laptop and use both computers.  The French Doors are to the left.

You can clearly see part of the porch from here. The porch has 4 large windows. You can also see BARE WHITE WALLS.
This WAS One of those OOPS MOMENTS. While I was ranting about the TV And Danny not watching the MOVIES….. I FORGOT NASCAR. OOPPPSSSS.
YES, WE watch NASCAR. I forgot that while RAMBLING.
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It’s June…..Thank Goodness

Happy June 1,
May was NOT a good month so I am glad it’s over.
Danny and I had a very relaxing weekend OFF. We went grocery shopping Sunday and watched NASCAR.
we watered and watered and watered some more.
It’s been hot and dry.
Yet, the park is still flooded in places.
We are suppose to have a huge storm tonight. It’s gotten dark out already and I heard thunder in the distance. That means Mr. Bojangles will be heading this way. Probably towards my lap.
It was 93 out this afternoon.
Danny is on his first day of 7 fate field, which means he won’t get home until 9 PM or later.
I love late field. He HATES it so I hate it for him.
I just seem to do better on it.
I am a late nighter. I get up with him every morning and get him off. Then I usually go back to bed.
Danny and I slept late this morning. I was up and dressed  9. That is good for me.
I had a yard to mow. Or to at least start.
The back and the sides look good. There is a little section near the pastures in back I couldn’t finish. Another piece of fencing wire got caught in the lawn mower.
Danny will love that. I need his help to fix it . Meaning, I will stand by and wait till he needs me to set blocks under the mower. Then I will stand by while he slowly cuts the wire…Cussing the whole time. Not me. He knows better than that. If not for me mowing, he’d have to .
I got another piece stuck a few months ago.
There is buried wire and junk all over here.
I still need to mow the bunkhouse and RV site and the


Storm Clouds Around 6 PM
I knew I was going to fix stuffed peppers for supper tonight. SO WHY didn’t I put them on BEFORE 5PM? Oh Well, Danny will be home around the time they are done. I will get to eat while he watches. He won’t eat till he goes to bed. PLUS, he won’t eat the peppers anyway. He is having Chicken and Rice.

entrance in and out of Rolling Meadows Ranch.
But, at least I don’t have to do it now.
It’s almost 7PM . Where has the time gone?
I have so much I want to do yet before Danny gets home and get’s my “almost” undivided attention. Mr Bojangles will still want his.
As you can tell, nothing special has been happening here in Our Neck Of The Woods
Have a wonderful evening .
P. S. I decided to add a few extra notes , comments and pictures.  Since I am not getting anything else done.


What I am Drinking.

OOPS. I already had one.
OOPS. I already had one.

I unhooked the antenna from the NEW TV and my Almost NEW DESK TOP.
Danny STILL had NOT GROUNDED it. Last year, lightening struck our TOWER and took out AN ALMOST NEW TV and a FAIRLY NEW DESK TOP. MINE.
I wasn’t about to let that happen again.
I need to get off. I am rambling about NOTHING IMPORTANT. LOL. Good Night. At least for now


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My Brain. Spelling Mistakes.

My Brain. Spelling Mistakes. A Long Week. A Long Month. A Not So Good Year. Lupus and Fibro .
Once again, I saw it. Long after I posted.
I misspelled Odyssey, Not once but a number of times.
Even looking at the PAGE with the Correct SPELLING I misspelled it.
Yes, I can and will go back and correct it.
I wish tag and categories would be that easy to fix.
I try so hard to get it right. I really do. Somethings I just haven’t figured out yet….How to delete tags I don’t want or how to delete them when I make a mistake….I will figure all that out.
It’s the everyday, brain fog, that I seem to be dealing with lately. It’s not the short term  or the only in the morning but ALL DAY LONG spells I am having.
I am use to not feeling good in the mornings. I get better as the day goes on. By late evening ….I am usually at my best.
The last few months, it’s been late afternoon/early evening before I function well. If then.
My brain just isn’t clearing. My motor skills aren’t good.
I am saying the wrong word for something more and more.
An example: water gauge instead of rain gauge.
Or I am completely at a loss for a word.
I haven’t been feeling well at all. I have written about it a time or two.
It’s the lupus….I have been through it before.
Except, years ago, I didn’t have the brain fog. I wasn’t 56.
It hurts just to get out of bed.
But then it hurts lying in bed.
I can’t handle noise. Or much light at all.
I love listening to music. Not at the moment I can’t. I haven’t watched a movie in almost two weeks.
I wrote about NASCAR on Sunday. Loud and Bright. I went to bed while it was on.
I remember how I once was. I remember that so clearly.

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Reposting: Something From Nothing: The Art and Privilege of Camp Cooking

Something From Nothing: The Art and Privilege of Camp Cooking.
This is an the first paragraph of this wonderful post:” It may be noted, at least from time to time, that we do like to get away from it all here at this blog. To pack up a modicum of supplies, and strikeIMG_6082 off for the distant bush lands of Minnesota’s northern most tier. A locale rich in quietude, and resplendent in its sky-tinted waters and vast elbow room for the soul. Canoe country. A million acre outdoor theater where the lonesome wail of the Loon echoes with impunity through the forest primeval. Where the whispering breezes murmur sweetly amid the lofty, Norway Pines; those magnificent wooden spires that which thrust high into a wild, blue sky. Canoe country. Where the slap of a beaver tail on still waters is heard over a quarter-mile span. Where a nap in the hammock whilst the pine-scented breeze whistles through your toe pits is at last your loftiest ambition for the day. Well you can see why we like it up here. And why it is we very occasionally aspire to get away from it all……..”

From Sarah: Please take a look at the whole post. You won’t be sorry you did. It’s wonderful.


From Sarah: I love to go camping. I wish Danny and I would take off and just go somewhere for a weekend or longer.
My parents took us camping a lot. I have awesome memories of one Easter week. The first part of the week was snowy and a mite cold. Looking back, I don’t remember the cold. I remember the fun we had.
I remember Easter Sunday. Warm. Sunny and Beautiful. We went to an out door service.
Bobby and his cousins and I use to go camping as well.

Now we see campers every day.

I long to be one of them.

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Re-posting From kelsbelzphotography -Old habits still there

Old habits still there.
From Sarah: It’s been 12 years since we first met. 10 plus years that I started visiting Danny in Florida. Almost 9 years living with Danny. 9 years married,
I still feel like this.
What’s even worse: Danny feels it more than I do. He knows how much I really hate Florida……The climate. The heat and humidity are making me CRAZY.


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Happy Mother’s Day to all of us….the good and the bad :Re-posting From Lily Pup’s Life

Happy Mother’s Day to all of us….the good and the bad.

If your mother has passed, I am sorry. It must be a tough day.

If you are estranged from your mother, I’m sorry. It must be a tough day.

If your mother was abusive, I’m really sorry. It’s a tough day.

If you had the kind of mother that loved you and was there for you, I am happy for you.

If you are a mother and your kids will recognize the day in some way, good for you.

If you have lost a child, you have my sympathy and prayers.

If you have children that could seem to care less, I’m sorry.

I just couldn’t let Mother’s Day go by. Without raining on the parade, I think it is important to remember that it is a not a good day for everyone. Do you know someone who could use a hug or a prayer today?

I am lucky. Although…

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From Sarah:
My Comment Oh Her post.

Lily, I should have read this YESTERDAY. Or whenever it first came to my attention. But I wasn’t feeling positive about the day. I was in a dark place. The almost uncontrollable teary/moody/bitchy/emotional/Menopausal/Hormone and Grieving rollercoaster I get from time to time. Where I want to yell or scream at Danny (because he’s here and doesn’t say the words I need to hear…Happy Mother’s Day.} Danny is just Danny. If I were to ask him …he would have said them…This Year I decided not to BEG…SO I never heard the words.
Our phone lines were down…Thanks Verizon…..
So I couldn’t call My Dad. (Mom died less than a year ago). I couldn’t call my sister, my niece…No one.
I didn’t want a stranger to say the words although I almost wish someone had.
I can’t call Bobby. He’s in Heaven.
I had an awesome /magical childhood.
Mother’s Day along with Father’s Day were CELEBRATIONS. All Holidays were.
I kept the traditions up when I left home.
Bobby was awesome.
My mom always sent me a Mother’s Day card. Even after Bobby died. She understood. This year…..No Mother’s Card.
It was the knowing for weeks that I wouldn’t get THAT CARD that hurt. I wouldn’t be able to call her. I wouldn’t be able to hear her voice.
Yet, today : I remember HER. I see her smile.
I remember Bobby.
I rambled here…Again. Sorry.

Thank you for this post. I am sorry you had a rotten childhood….I am so very glad your children have you as their mom. Happy Mother’s Day.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.
Love Sarah

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Mother’s Day and What This One Means To Me.

This Mother’s Day isn’t here yet and it’s already been a tough one for me. This is the first year my mom won’t be here to call and talk to . It was always a much needed talk. Her birthday was May 5Th and I would call then also. We would share all the normal stuff. What her and dad were doing for her special day. Family. Everything.
On Mother’s Day… we did something a little different.
It will be 9 years on May 19Th, since my only child , Bobby went to Heaven. (He was almost 26).
SO on Mother’s Day….I still got a card….A reminder that I am still A MOM.
We would talk about Bobby, his Cousins as well as my brother, sister and I. Dad to of course. We couldn’t talk about family and not talk about him.
We would talk for hours, sometimes. Dad would get on as well.
I have plans to call my dad on Sunday.
It will be a tough one for both of us.
What will we talk about? Our Family and our wonderful memories.
Happy Mother’s Day !

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Our Neck Of The Woods

Rolling Meadows Ranch Our Sunset Spot- Our Yard
Rolling Meadows Ranch Our Sunset Spot- Our Yard
Sand Hill Cranes
Sand Hill Cranes

This is from my Our Neck Of The Woods Facebook Page Our Life. Lake Kissimmee State Park, Rolling Meadows Ranch and Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, Lake Wales, Florida. Where we work, live, play, cry and most of all Love each other.. Come and sit a spell. Danny and I share so much laughter and tears here, working and living here as we do. I needed a place to start downloading pictures I have taken over the years here. I need to write about them. I spend so much time wishing I was still living in Colorado that I forget what I have here. We really have a great life. I’m praying that once we finally get into the Cracker House things will get better-UPDATE- We are in the remodeled State Cracker House and it is better, although there are times I miss the RV. We lived it in for 5 years. It was home. It IS OURS…..I am also posting about Country Life in General and Florida in particular. Danny is a park ranger at Lake Kissimmee State Park. I volunteer there. I am a former teacher who misses being around kids.… I am mom who lost her only son, Bobby 9 years ago. I am a wife. I need to find me again. “Our Neck of the Woods” refers mostly to Rolling Meadows Ranch, were we live. It joins Lake Kissimmee State Park, on one side and Allen David Broussard’s Catfish Creek Preserve State Park on the other. We work mostly at LK and RM.
From Sarah Now. : Our Neck Of The Woods, Is all about  Our Life in the last 10 plus years. All about Our area and it’s history. About Life in Florida. It is about Danny and Sarah. Life at or around the park.

via Our Neck Of The Woods.

Rolling Meadows Ranch -Where we live, work, play, love
Rolling Meadows Ranch -Where we live, work, play, love
Deer by the French Doors.
Deer by the French Doors.
Just a small part off the back and side of the yard. and the Cracker House
Just a small part off the back and side of the yard. and the Cracker House
Danny Fixes One Of The Electric Gates
Danny Fixes One Of The Electric Gates
Me Working at Rolling Meadows Ranch
Me Working at Rolling Meadows Ranch
Danny and I were on the swamp buggy at Rolling Meadows. Oh the fun we would have.
Danny and I were on the swamp buggy at Rolling Meadows. Oh the fun we would have.

Danny and I at Liar’s Lair Saloon : Park Of Camp River Resort and next to Rolling Meadows Ranch and Across From Lake Kissimmee State Park. . We were celebrating a house event. Or Park Event . Not sure.
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Our Neck Of The Woods

Our Neck Of The Woods.