Quieting Your Heart For The Holidays/ Update from Sarah On Week 1 And Life In Our Neck Of The Woods/ Week 2 / By Time Warp Wife

From Sarah :
I am starting this wonderful study today. I wasn’t prepared for it when Advent started last week. I could blame it on the fact we were in Plant City until Tuesday of the first week. I had plenty of time to get ready for it here. I could have shared the first week on time but I chose family (In my case , Danny) and held off. Lighting Advent candles at a B & B could have been done. We had the whole house to ourselves. I still chose not to. I wasn’t ready (in my heart ) to begin.
MY HEART hasn’t been QUIET in a very long time.
I was praying that our mini- vacation would bring us closer and in a way it did. Yet, NOT IN THE WAYS I NEEDED IT TO.

Goodbye October: Hello November

Hello From Lake Kissimmee State Park And Rolling Meadows Ranch I have a question: Fall, where are you?????????? It’s been in the upper 80’s. A few days ago it was 89 degrees outside. That my friends is not AUTUMN. No ways near it. I have had trouble finding things to be thankful for this year….

My Afternoon At Home Waiting For Danny To Get Home

Got Danny’s ice tea  ready first. I never know when he will come home early when it starts thundering and lightning. His tea : 2 gallon sized teabags in a 1 gallon tea pitcher.  NO LEMONS . No sugar.  STRONG. Mine : 1  maybe  2 regular tea bag(s ) if it’s real tea. Lemons /…

Our Fall Roundup At The Park-

It was one of our first really nice mornings this fall. We have only had a few NOT SO HOT ONES. Clear Blue Sky…Something we haven’t seen much of. Getting ready to cross the Wooden Bridge Over Zipprer Canal and onto Buster Island. Looking at the Weir. The flood gates/locks are open.This is looking East…

Our Spring Roundup At The Park- April 2015

We were fortunate that the rain held off. Everything around us was WET. Flooding had  already started. It rained all Spring and SUMMER.  It was 86 degrees. HOT AND HUMID. WE Usually DO Our Spring Roundup in May But they were paying more at the time. Mark, Big Josh in the back, Erik and Danny….

Headed To The Roundup and What I Saw Along The Way

The Bunkhouse across from us.  The sun was just starting to break through.  It was 78 degrees. Cool compared to a few weeks ago.              Someone (ME) needs to MOW. I am hoping to get started mowing this weekend. If not, then I will be doing it when Danny is…

Sunday From Sarah’s Recliner – August 9, 2015 (AN UPDATE)

Tell me what exciting things or what boring things you are doing today, Because I am about to tell you all of mine. Seriously, I would love to hear what your day/ weekend is like. I missed going to church again. Hugs from Sarah Good afternoon from Florida. It is 2:06 PM and I have…

The Story Behind My Angel Mom Picture

A very special friend of mine on Facebook saw the photo below that I had posted and saw what few really take the time to notice. She saw a smile. A real smile, yet one that hides so many things. Just like my eyes. They both tell a story. Danny and I had had a really…

Our Neck Of The Woods

This is from my Our Neck Of The Woods Facebook Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/sarahsneckofthewoods. Our Life. Lake Kissimmee State Park, Rolling Meadows Ranch and Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, Lake Wales, Florida. Where we work, live, play, cry and most of all Love each other.. Come and sit a spell. Danny and I share so…