Our Get-A -Way/ The Strawberry House – Plant City, Florida/My Ramblings


These were taken Saturday evening. Danny and I left our house around 10: 30 AM. Got gas and a few groceries and were on our way. It’s a fairly short drive. Lot’s of traffic for us country bumpkins.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas.
We ordered from Sakura King. A Chinese/Japanese restaurant. Delivery.
I ordered Lot’s of SUSHI
This should last us a few days. LOL

Looking into the smaller dining room from the larger one.
Porch Lights
One end of the porch.
Waiting for the train to come.
So tired.
Danny getting set up.
I have some great footage on video.
Christmas Started early. I bought myself 2 NEW N Scale Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.
We have always been HO Scale fans but I wanted to run a smaller train under one of our Christmas Tree.
Danny’s New HO Scale Coastliner. CSX.
We are going to run trains Sunday night when we are in the Train Room.
We had to spend our first night in our usual Theatre Room. It’s really too small for us. Especially with our computers etc. One plug in the room
for our use. One in the bathroom.

I Am VERY THANKFUL that we were able to get- a -way this weekend.
Needing prayers though. MY ATTITUDE NEEDS ADJUSTED!
I am still fighting the anger of betrayal and can’t seem to get past getting upset when things don’t go the way I believe they should.
I hate it when he is texting (other RAIL FANS) ALL DAY LONG WHILE I AM WITH HIM. A few here and there would be ok.
I just don’t believe in being online with someone when your spouse/love one/friend IS SITTING right next to you.