Danny Is In Tallahassee.  Raining. 

Danny and I have kept in contact by phone/ texting.  For once our Internet is better than what they have there. He said it rained most of the way. He’s exhausted.  Started working at 6:30 AM and has to start working  at 7:30 AM Saturday.  I reminded him…… “Think of the overtime”. 

Now What Do I Do?

I am home alone. FOR 3 or 4 days.  Elvis playing.  Eating. Now what do I do? LOL

 A Funny Story From Sarah … A Mary Verses Martha Story

A Mary Verses Martha Story: How To Become The Right Kind Of Hostess (And What I Was Doing Wrong )by Teresa Swanstrom Anderson  AND A True Story From My Teens.  From Sarah : It is  always better to enjoy your time with your guests than it is to worry about what dishes to use and…

Hello September. GOODBYE AUGUST.  Sarah’s Rambles …. What Is Coming Up. 

This starts my favorite  2 seasons.  Fall And Winter. I still don’t think of Florida when I think of cooler weather, pumpkins,  leaves changing, hoodies, candles and wonderful scents.  Family Times    Old Fashioned Holidays  Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas.  Danny and my birthdays. Our Anniversary.  Snow.  I get excited thinking about it. Until, I am…

Almost Noon – What I Have Accomplished… 

This is a continuation of the Make Over Your Morning Course. Days 1, 2 and 3. One  I did on Monday. Danny and I were busy or just enjoying his day off on Tuesday.  So I worked on all 3 today.   I got up this morning after Danny’s alarm went off at 6AM. I went to…

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Tell All Tuesday Series: Do you split the bills or share them? – http://wp.me/p5VTHq-ff Not sure why the address isn’t showing up right.  This post is from Krista Kemp : From Foodstamps To A Future. From Sarah :  What money I get from teaching /  retirement goes into savings. Most of the time. It’s the…

Not The Normal Way To Start The Day.

It’s almost 8:30 AM. Danny and I were out before the sun came up looking for a water leak. We knew it would be a good size one.There’d been enough time for it to come to the surface. So we started looking again. We had already spent hours yesterday looking. There are old water lines…

Sarah Speaks Out:   My  Choices And Why I Will Be Voting Differently In November. PLEASE Add Your Comments.  Be Nice. 

From Sarah:

I am a Republican who will probably be voting for The Libertarian Party come November.

Danny is a Libertarian and as far as I was concerned, had been throwing his vote away for years.

Or had he?

This time I will be voting for a 3rd party, even though I am very much a Republican.

I believe that we need a 3rd viable party. Maybe even a 4th . The people aren’t being heard.

The Democrats and The Republicans have been doing their own thing for way too long. Neither side is able to work with the other. Oftentimes, they can’t even work within their own party.

The Republican Party hasn’t been a strong party that works together for years. The Tea Party is proof of that.

Frustrated With Our Internet… All Is Good Where It Counts.

Trying to UPDATE the blog. My homepage. Adding and taking away feature posts. Or hoping to. I managed to change one small item. Then the internet went out completely. Just long enough to take 10 minutes….maybe more getting back to the same page I was on.  Then it froze again.  Danny complained earlier about videos…

Lazy Sunday In Our Neck Of The Woods

Hello from Our Neck Of The Woods  I am tired and hurting. We went to Walmart yesterday.  My ankles swell up every time. So I am doing as little as possible today.  Danny is off this weekend. He is napping now. Where is the  cat? Well he was here just a few minutes ago. Then…