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The Problem with Isolation During Grief – Becoming A Godly Wife  

Becoming  A Godly Wife : Grief And Isolation

Things to Help Through the Lonely Times During Isolation:

  1. Find a balance: It’s OK to be alone. However, it is also important to be surrounded by those who love you. So, yes we have to have alone time but also be willing to cling to those closetest to us.
  2. Remember things will change including relationships: Everything is going to change. You may discover new friends as you begin to heal. You may find that there will also be a shift in pre-existing friendships. After all, they too may be on a grieving journey on their own. 

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Reposting: Becoming A Godly Wife: Housework Blahs

From Sarah :
It is officially Tuesday morning here in Florida. It is 1:25 AM.
I am still reading everything from Monday and the topic today was The Monday Morning Blahs. More so than usual.
I can’t complain as Danny is off this week (He took  3 days off ) so I didn’t have to worry about HOUSE CLEANING. YEAH!
Cleaning House has never been a favorite of mine. I know there are some women who actually enjoy it.
Not me.
Becoming A Godly Wife wrote about The Cleaning Housework Blahs.

Housework Blahs Together we can beat the housework blahs.....Even on a Monday.