INGREDIENTS ¼ oz. Monin Macadamia Nut Syrup ¾ oz. Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup 1 shot(s) espresso Fill with steamed milk Glass: 10 oz. Garnish: Whipped INSTRUCTIONS Combine ingredients, except milk, in serving cup. Stir and set aside. Steam milk in pitcher. Pour steamed milk into serving cup, stirring gently. Garnish. Recipe source MACADAMIA NUT & PUMPKIN…

Lucky Charms Milkshake By

House Of Yumm Lucky Charms Milkshake (+Giveaway) Lucky Charms Milkshake.  This milkshake is made with Lucky Charms cereal milk, creamy vanilla ice cream, and colorful Lucky Charms marshmallows!  Top it all with homemade whipped cream and even more marshmallows for a fun treat perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, or any day! It’s March already….

4 Food Blogs I Love : By Sarah

Food Blogs I Love By Sarah Not  listed in any particular order. 1. My Heavenly Recipes From Marci’s About Section “My name is Marci Loehner. My Husband, Jason, and I recently purchased my Husbands childhood home in Bengal {WHO DEY!} country where I create my Heavenly Recipes that are inspired by my three children…

Homemade Eggnog Taking Route : Homemade Eggnog  Several days ago, I shared a chai hot chocolate recipeand mentioned how it would have to become a Christmas drink tradition, much like our homemade eggnog. A friendly reader asked if I might be willing to share THAT recipe and I thought to myself, “What a perfect excuse to go…

Slow Cooker Eggnog Lattes – The Magical Slow Cooker

This recipe for Slow Cooker Eggnog Lattes is a fun and different way to serve a group of people a hot beverage other than hot cocoa. Perfect for a holiday get-together or work parties. My inspiration for this recipe came after I made my Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Lattes, check out that recipe too!

My 12 Favorite Things About Fall (and Coffee) – Thistlewood Farm : 

I love coffee.

I can’t help it.

It wakes me up.  It makes me smile.  It’s been through the rough times and the good times with me and never let me down.

When you pour that first cup of coffee and the steam rises and the smell drifts slowly across the room and you take a breath and reach for that first sip….

…all is right with the world.

So when Starbucks® reached out to me to photograph their Pumpkin Spice Latte and their new Fall Blend Roast it was as if all my coffee dreams came true.