I Know I Made You Smile By Carl Dagostino : Let the Children Come to Me (Reblogged and Updated-  Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures

https://sarahsatticoftreasures.com/2015/07/26/i-know-i-made-you-smile-by-carl-agostino-let-the-children-come-to-me-reblogged-and-updated-my-words-only-sarah-july-25-2015-sunday/?fb_action_ids=1596279333957393&fb_action_types=news.publishes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B656076661160769%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22news.publishes%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D By Carl Dagostino : I Know  I Made You Smile I love this post by Carl.

Luke 12:35-40, Waiting on Jesus

Another sketchnote for Time Warp Wife’s Quieting your heart series 🙂 Tara from Doodle Through The Bible And Verse Doodles. This one is from Verse Doodle. Quieting Your Heart For The Holidays. Part of Time Warp Wife Series. Source: Luke 12:35-40, Waiting on Jesus

I Know I Made You Smile By Carl Agostino : Let the Children Come to Me (Reblogged and Updated- My Words Only Sarah- July 25, 2015, Sunday) )

https://carldagostino.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/but-jesus-said-let-the-children-come-to-me-dont-stop-them-for-the-kingdom-of-heaven-belongs-to-those-who-are-like-these-children-painting-by-zdinak/ I first posted this on April 11, 2015. I saw the post again while visiting my archives and decided it was “TOO GOOD” not to be reblogged. @Carl Agostino  He deserves all the credit. This verse has always reminded me of a children’s Bible story book my grandma gave me. It had a yellow…