Sorting Through Photos/ Memories


Remembering Karen and the fun we had on our ROAD TRIP.
I have no idea where those photos are. They are safe, just on a cloud somewhere!!!!!
Losing Karen only makes me feel the loss of Bobby more. She was one of the few people who really knew Bobby. No one here in Florida ever met Bobby, except Danny.
I have been more Debbie the last few days than Sarah. Few people really understand the 2 sides to me. They either know me as Debbie, Bobby’s Mom or as Sarah, Danny’s wife. Karen KNEW ME AS BOTH.

This was from our Road Trip. We were at Karen’s Ex-In-laws house in Jerseyville., Illinois. Near my hometown. Where I went to school.

I have always considered the Lyiming’s Family.

Bobby 1 year old. 1981
Dan and I , Bobby, Mike And Leah in La Veta, Colorado. 1984
Bobby 1 year. 1981.
Bobby and I. He was 3 months old.

When you lose all of your photos, you have to rely on Copies of Copies.

May 25,2006. After saying GOODBYE TO BOBBY ON HIS MOUNTAIN IN COLORADO. My Mom And Dad, Donna, Danny and I.
Bobby in Colorado Springs.
Danny and I After…….

Love And Hugs,