Laid Low- An Update- Thursday, October 1, 2015


Once again it it hard and without warning.
I am not going into details other than to say, I have been in bed 22 out of the last 24 hours. Maybe a little less.
I went to get some ice yesterday morning and couldn’t lift the container of ice.
The white container everyone has in their freezer.
So I am sleeping. Fever. Aches. All of the signs of the flu but it’s not.
Sinus congestions isn’t helping.
This is normal.
What posts you see are ones I already had lined up and ready to go. Or were scheduled.
I haven’t read comments in 2 days. Maybe 3.
I will catch up when I can. I am not even worried about it.
Oh Danny did get his 2 days off at home. He worked 9. Off one and had 7 the week before.
Counseling and my getting sick took care of one of those days. While at home he was working on the computer (Park Stuff) but at least he was home.
Did I say  the park was short handed?
I have been missed since I am one of those not there.
Tired. Off once again.
Love Sarah