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http://www.edinahistoricalsociety.org/blog/celebrate-history-with-may-day-basket-tradition Edina Historical Society: Celebrate History With May Day Traditions  Children give to grownups, instead of the other way around. On almost every other holiday,only the child receives gifts; they don’t get to experience the true joy of unselfish giving.  My kids love giving the baskets to the neighbors as much as they enjoy getting candy from them…

May Baskets Craft Idea

http://www.theideabox.com/May_Baskets.html Use brightly colored construction paper to make baskets by cutting the paper into triangle shapes. Roll the triangles into cone shaped baskets and glue or tape together, finish by adding a strip of construction paper to make a handle. Fill the basket with left over Easter grass, then add fresh flowers the children pick…

Charming May Day Baskets

Handing out May Day baskets is a charming and gentle activity for children and adults. It’s a tradition that Louisa May Alcott wrote of in “Jack and Jill” (Chapter 18):
“The job now in hand was May baskets, for it was the custom of the children to hang them on the doors of their friends the night before May-day; and the girls had agreed to supply baskets if the boys would hunt for flowers, much the harder task of the two. Jill had more leisure as well as taste and skill than the other girls, so she amused herself with making a goodly store of pretty baskets of all shapes, sizes, and colors, quite confident that they would be filled, though not a flower had shown its head except a few hardy dandelions, and here and there a small cluster of saxifrage.” (a type of herb called Greater Burnet

May Day Baskets | Martha Stewart

http://www.marthastewart.com/913713/may-day-baskets Martha Stewart : May Day Baskets Cheryl DuLong, who works at Skylands, Martha’s home in Maine, created these charming May Day baskets by using simple household materials. Fill them with flowers, candy, or trinkets to brighten someone’s day, or follow May Day tradition by leaving baskets on your loved ones’ doorsteps on May 1.

Making a St. Patrick’s Day “Lucky Pot of Gold”

  The Seasoned Mom Making a St. Patrick’s Day “Lucky Pot of Gold” What We’re Doing: Making a St. Patrick’s Day “Lucky Pot of Gold” March 17 is quickly approaching, so we’re spending the week celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and our Irish heritage.  And while I don’t plan to buy “gifts” for the kids on…

How To Give Your Kids A Good Christmas

How To Give Your Kids A Good Christmas December 22, 2014 by stultsmamaof4 5 Comments I woke up feeling a little sorry for myself this morning, sorry for my family, too.  It hasn’t been the Christmas season we expected or wanted, and I’m left wondering: how do you give your kids a good Christmas when nothing…

Miracle On 34th Street-Maureen O’Hara, Natalie Wood

From Sarah: This is one of the best blogs I know of for reviews on CLASSIC Movies… Miracle On 34Th Street is one of my all times favorites. Not just at Christmas but anytime…. Miracle on 34th Street, 1947, 20th Century Fox. Starring Maureen O’Hara, Natalie Wood, John Payne, Edmund Gwenn. Directed by George Seaton….

Good Morning Girls Advent Study – Keeping Our Hearts Focused On Jesus – Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures

Good Morning Girls Advent Study – Keeping Our Hearts Focused On Jesus

This post was written by Courtney from Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls Last Year.
It has all the information for this series…
Plus :
a video from Courtney about Forgiving Yet Not Wanting To Be Friends Anymore With Those Who Keep Hurting You.

Good Morning Girls UK

https://youtu.be/6Po8gTYhU5c Courtney’s video

Coloring For Advent- Feels Like Home Blog – Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures

Coloring For Advent- Feels Like Home Blog

Sharing this from Feels Like Home Blog

Advent Starts Today: Sunday: November 19, 2015. 1

Last year, I printed some coloring pages for Gracie. Each one was like a miniature Advent calendar, divided into 24 sections, and she loved them. If you have a preschooler or an older kid who really loves to color, you should consider coloring pages for Advent. You can download the ones we

Source: Coloring the Advent

Kids Can Change the World {Grace & Truth}

Kids Can Change the World {Grace & Truth}

Shared on November 25, 2016

We’ve turned the corner into the holiday season – time sure does fly! For those who just celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope it was a wonderful time with family and friends.

As we head toward Christmas, do your kids start to get antsy? Do the ads and commercials tend to make your child’s Christmas wish list grow longer?

I’m always on the lookout for ways to get our kids involved in ministering to others and focusing on others, rather than on their own wants. This week, Abi’s post caught my eye. She shares 3 ways that kids can change the world in this week’s featured post.

This is such a wonderful time of year to teach our children how to notice the needs of others – maybe a friend, family member, elderly neighbor. The three tips she shares are ones we can practice throughout the year and foster that generosity and compassion in our children.

25 {Free} Acts of Kindness to do with Children | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

I remember sitting on the old and faded blue couch listening as my mom told me how she was ruining Thanksgiving. Mom told us she noticed a new family moving into the trailer next door. Knowing that Thanksgiving was a week away, she invited these strangers to our Thanksgiving dinner. Now before you judge me too harshly, let me share the back story.