Flour, water, and salt. That is all you need to make a keepsake ornament to cherish for years to come. These DIY ornaments are easy to make and safe for all members of the family to join in. This Christmas, create a Cinnamon Salt Dough Diffuser Ornament for your tree and fill your home (and your heart) with the enjoyable scent of essential oils.

Salt Dough ornaments are a classic holiday craft that gracefully adorns Christmas trees around the world. 

I have fond childhood memories of making homemade salt dough ornaments, both at school and also at home with my family. I still have a few of the ornaments that hung on our family Christmas tree nearly 30 years ago. Now, I have a new collection of homemade ornaments made by my children, which grows larger every year.

As my kids get older, the ornaments get a little bit fancier and a little bit more elaborate, but they still represent their unique personalities. We love making ornaments out of natural air-dry clay, like this Christmas Diffuser Ornament.