Why We Need to Stop Tech Shaming Our Kids / My Rant About It. Sarah Speaks Out



Sunshine and Hurricanes : Why We Need To Stop Tech  Shaming Our Kids

 From Sarah:I am guilty of this. I have posted many times about cellphones and internet And FAMILY TIME.  I still plan to. 

What we often forget is :We are the ones who ALLOWED much of it. We are rhe the ones who first got  the cell phones. We are the ones who usually buy our children their first computer and cell phone.

  • In my case, Bobby actually bought my first computer and then got me my first cell phone after 911. We were both late to the computer age. I learned how to use them when I taught school. Bobby was taught there as well.
  • Neither of us had ever liked Games. Pokeman and the like. 
  • We were both outdoor people. Or we read a book. Used the library. Encyclopedias. I miss them.
  • This generation has the world at their finger tips.
  • So do we. 

We need to give our young ones lessons on how to use the internet. We need to TEACH BY EXAMPLE.

Children today seldom play outside. I have said that more than once. And it is true for many. 

Yet, back when Bobby grew up or even when I grew up….. NOT everyone played outside. 

As parents and leaders it is our responsibility to get them outside. 

It is easy to jump to conclusions.

I am thankful I grew up when I did. That being said….. I would have loved the internet. Ebook . Research. Recipes. Learning. Teaching.