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Re-posting from Elizabeth Peterson : This Journey I’m On. Love. Never. Fails.

Love. Never. Fails..
From Sarah: I want to respond to this post, yet, tonight isn’t really a good time to. Brain is somewhat foggy.
This is a good post about marriage. The day in and day out aspects of living with someone. About still having butterflies.
Yes, I still get Butterflies looking at Danny or sometimes just thinking about him..
I also love Elizabeth’s Title : This Journey I’m On.
Our lives. Our Marriages are Journey’s.
More to come. Sarah

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Reblogged From Elizabeth Peterson: No Regrets
From Sarah: Elizabeth’s  timing on this post is perfect.
Menopause has not been good to me.
I was sitting at my desk here, waiting for Danny to come out of his Computer Room where he’s been tied up since we got home from Walmart. I’ve had a sinus headache all day. So my mood hasn’t been all that good. I’d tried laying down but couldn’t fall asleep. I just KNEW Danny was going to come out and say: “Are you ready for a glass of wine?” It’s been our habit to have a glass or so of wine every night. We both look forward to that. I usually have a few snacks ready as well.
This was my first read of the day.
I’d been thinking of ALL the words I wanted to say to him. The ones I really shouldn’t say. The angry, bitter or whining words.
Danny hasn’t done anything wrong. I could always go in and just ask “How much longer”.
Yet, I sit and ponder ALL those WORDS.
So Elizabeth: Thank you.

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Getting Framed. Re-blogging this from Elizabeth Peterson

I love Getting Framed..
From Sarah: This is a must read for those of you who truly miss your hubbies when they are traveling . I really enjoyed Elizabeth’s story.
I have a love /hate time when Danny is forced to travel for the state . Fortunately, he doesn’t have to travel very much any more and when he does I usually get to travel with him. One advantage of being a Volunteer at the state park.
I love “My time” at night. I lived for most of my life as a single mom so I sometime DO MISS the evenings spent alone.
I READ  or immerse myself in a series or marathon of movies.
I don’t have to make coffee . I am not a coffee drinker. I can’t stand the smell. Yet, I make it for Danny every night  so he has it in the morning.
Danny and I email, send message over the phone, chat for hours when he is away. Just like we did for the 2 years before I moved to Florida.
We spend hours a day together when he is not home.

But then we spend HOURS together when he is home.
What I do Miss . We have a King Size bed and I usually end up with enough space to lay down and not fall out.
So you would think I’d crave the whole bed to myself.
I hate it. I really HATE IT. Danny will cuddle me ALL Night most nights……
I need that time with him…
I miss not being there when he walks out the door of where he is staying. I hate not watching his truck leave in the morning.
Then at night , I hate not seeing his truck coming back home from the park.
Every day, rain or shine…I watch him leave and then I watch him come home.

I am glad Danny does not have to travel very often . I am glad he chooses NOT to when he can. Or that I can tag alone at other times.