/Sunday, Day 12/ Memories And What’s Been Going On Here In Our Neck Of The Woods.


What A Difference A Day Makes /Sunday, Day 12

I was so sick Saturday. In bed or on the couch most of it.

This morning I felt almost human again. I was upbeat and ready to tackle a number of things. Like catch up on the Summit going on this weekend by Dr. Ken D Berry And His wife Nurse Neisha Salas Berry.
It’s amazing how a simple challenge that Neisha Loves It started has given me a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. MOST OF THE TIME. That’s better than a bad attitude most of the time.

On The Couch with a cat in my face.

Baby Girl had to be with me all day.

I got the dishes in the dishwasher and ran it. Then I promptly filled it back up again by cleaning out the refrig. Mostly Danny’s uneaten food.

Countdown On Friday.
I finally started a YOUTUBE page for Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures
I don’t know why it took so long. Here, Danny has been working hard to make money on his account someday. Why Wasn’t I doing the same thing.
I used this photo of me. At the time it was the only one I found of just me. This was taken by either Danny or Bobby in Colorado in 2004. My huge photo of The Grand Tetons Is in the background. I wish I still had it.

Danny and I were participating in a live on a friend’s YouTube Channel on Friday Night. I laughed at the time.
I am not laughing anymore. We can’t get the TIMEOUT UNBLOCKED . The page owner hasn’t been able to overturn it. She had encouraged Danny to post the link to his Facebook page earlier.
The Timeout Was only supposed to be for 5 minutes.
This is Sunday and this took place in the wee hours Saturday morning.

I upload all of Danny’s Train Videos to my Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Account On Youtube.
Then I started loading my favorite songs . LOL I have so many.
Once I started I couldn’t stop, Especially when It came to Elvis.