Making Your Home a Haven 2016 – Worshipful Living

As Mama, we set the tone of our house. So, for week one, we will be talking about our tone. We are going to light a candle (or burn a diffuser! No Mommy hate allowed!) to remind us to focus on our tone. We are going to talk about some super practical ways we can set a positive atmosphere as well – and of course, we will dig into the heart issues as well!

Fling Open Your Doors and Let Others In! – Women Living Well

Don’t just make loving your family your aim during this challenge. As a family, reach out and bring others into your circle of love! Brainstorm as a family a person—or perhaps even another family—whom you can make the object of your love and kindness this week.

Lean In and Listen for a Heart Drop – Women Living Well

{Welcome back to Week 3 of our Making Your Home a Haven Series! If you are just joining us, be sure to read the post from week one and the post from week two to bring yourself up to speed. Then, be sure to come back to this post for this week’s challenge!}