Our Life Together In Our Neck Of The Woods.

Danny and I. Early Days Just enjoying ourselves.
Easter Sunday :On Lake Hatchneha.  

I caught the biggest fish.
A Mudfish. 2007
We’d recently sold Danny’s house. The house his dad built when he was a years old. We were living at Camp Mack Resort ( Fish Camp) In an RV. I’d been in Florida (for good ) since right before Thanksgiving.
Still less than a year after Bobby died.

Our First Thanksgiving living at Lake Kissimmee State Park. We were living down in our Day Use Area, near the Marina . This was also the first year Our Manager’s Wife hosted Thanksgiving for all of us and our family. Danny and I always work that day.
Danny and I and friends during a huge park event. We were celebrating and just having a good night after working hard for weeks getting ready for it. Off The clock.
During one of our many trips to Cherry Pocket Fish Camp. Lunch on the lake.
Dancing at Liar’s Lair Saloon : Camp Mack Resort. Right across from the park.
Same night as an earlier photo.
I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing at what we were seeing. Even Danny was surprised. (Private story.).
Christmas: 2008 ? Liar’s Lair.
Danny and I : working. Sorry I had to crop out the rest of the people.
Better Days. Bobby and Danny in Colorado. On the Tram, on top of Pike’s Peak.
Early days at his house. 2005
Early days: another selfie to me in Colorado.
Another selfie. To me in Colorado. We were being silly.
We were celebrating My 50Th Birthday at Norby’s.
Once again, just having a good time . We are home bodies. We seldom go out. This is as far as we go at night. Rarely do we even go there any more. Liar’s Lair. Across from the park. 2 miles from our Entrance at Rolling Meadows Ranch. Then a mile down out little road. Park Property ALL the way home.
Danny and I : Our First Thanksgiving together; 2004
Our first Roundup at LKSP.
At the roundup.