A Roundup. New Life. Rainy Days. Sunsets Sunrises. Park Life

Watch Out for the sharp ends.
Our Coy boys for the day.
Talk About Being In Your Face.
These are waiting to be let out
Charlie, Our Real Cowboy. opens the gate for me so I can just drive though.

Times are changing once again. All winter volunteers have  left the park. The snowbirds have left as well.
It’s time for the locals to come and come they have. In droves….
So the rangers and this year round volunteer are back to doing Scrub downs and other such jobs. Summer is still  not here as far as the calendar says and yet we are breaking heat and humidity records almost every day. Rain is still a problem as flooding continues.
We had one of our 2 roundups at the park. Met some new friends.
I lost a friend this past week. Long story there and one I will share when the time is right.
Danny is on his 8Th Late Field shift..
This coming week is his short week so he took the 3 days off. So we have another one of our Stay at home week off. PLEASE don’t call it a vacation.. We haven’t had a real one in 6 plus years. We haven’t gone anywhere off Rolling Meadows Ranch more than a few hours except for work. Even that was almost 2 years ago.

Bringing in The Herd
Rounding Them Up
Another hot day MOWING.
The Sand Hill Cranes…Mom and Dad and their 2 babies are in the following photos.

Sand Hill Cranes and Babies

What was left of the Dirty Rice. Another rainy afternoon on Rolling Meadows Ranch. After the rain came the beautiful Sunset.  Danny and I taking a quick break near the Small Island. Lake Kissimmee State Park. Zipprer Canal/  The View of the Weir and a 10 foot gator. The Gator is on the far side of the canal.   The Weir and the overflowing water from Lake Rosalie.  Our Wooden Bridge Leading to Buster Island.  Sand Hill Cranes. Day Use. Lake Kissimmee State Park  Sand Hill Cranes  Cow Egret on Collier Farm Drive. Our road Home. Rolling Meadows Ranch  If you look closely: 2 deer are lying near the front porch.