A Day Late/ Monday’s Bible Verse

s From Sarah, I wrote and shared a number of posts yesterday. I can’t believe I didn’t share the Verse Of the Day from Making Your Home A Haven Series.I thought of it last night. About the same time I realized that I hadn’t posted the Introduction to Ann VosKamp Bible Study I just started….

Thankful For The Brief Moment Of Sunshine Today By Sarah

We were suppose to have RAIN the last few days. Badly needed RAIN.It never came.Instead, it’s been DREARY. DEPRESSING. DAMP. Still too hot for me. The SUN came out today. Blinding the computer screen. Or at least I think it did. It was gone as quickly as it came.I am Thankful It came.Sometimes, it IS…

From Cowardly to Roaring Lion: The Life of Judah – Worshipful Living

The ultimate courage in life is to change from who we were to who God wants us to be. So many people mock at the changes we want to make in our lives – or if we have been Christians a while, there are many waiting to see us show our “true colors”. However, we need to be like Judah and be willing to admit when we make a mistake – and seek forgiveness where it is given.