Potato, Mushroom & Onion Casserole (with Cream and Parmesan Cheese)


Potato, Mushroom And Onion Casserole (With Cream And Parmesan Cheese) By
Goats And Greens

I’m never sure how one measures a “bunch” of anything.  I used my own home-grown parsley, and simply went by “feel” on it.  Which I think is entirely appropriate.  

A recipe from The City Tavern Cookbook:  Recipes from the Birthplace of American Cuisine, by Walter Staib.   This one is on page 218.  Part of the CookingBites Cookbook Game, #6.  Which is where we make a recipe exactly as written from a print cookbook that sits in our home.  (Yes, you can dial down the size if you are cooking for one!  Or for a few other, explained, reasons.  I made a variant for four, while the original recipe served 8.)