Green Bean Casserole –


Green Bean Casserole :

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Green Bean Casserole – The green bean casserole was first created in 1955 by the Campbell Soup Company.  The original inspiration was to make use of 2 items that most American families always had on hand. Green beans and cream of mushroom soup.  Perhaps, it was also to ensure that most American families always had those items on hand.  Regardless of the original intent, it’s been a staple dish on supper and special occasion tables all over the country ever since.


This updated version was shared with me by a very dear friend and fantastic cook, Lynn.  Lynn took on the task of updating and re-creating this classic dish to her taste.  I’m so glad she did, I love her take on this casserole, and I’m delighted she allowed me to pass on her creation to all of you. Thanks Lynn, it’s a keeper in my cookbook!