The Best Green Bean Casserole – Life In The Lofthouse



Yes, I admit it. I am a green bean casserole lover to the core! I not only make this classic dish at holiday dinners, but I make it year round with some of our favorite chicken dishes. I highly adapted this recipe from an old Food Network one. It’s the only recipe I use because of the ingredients. Fresh, simple, yet amazing. 

The creamy homemade sauce is why I call this one, “The Best!” No canned stuff in this recipe. The sauce is super easy to prepare and comes together quickly. Fresh green beans are also another must of mine. You can definitely use canned or frozen but I personally love the flavor of the fresh. 

Last, but certainly not least, is the French’s fried onions. I load them up in this casserole! I love the crunch and saltiness they bring. They make it totally worth every single calorie. ha!