Lots and Lots of 31 Day Challenges

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Happy New Year !!!

I am always excited about a new year !! There is nothing more promising then a fresh start, and the new year is the big one , the biggest fresh start we get, once every 52 weeks. The newness of the fresh year passes quickly as do many of our resolutions !! Regardless of that,…

Getting back into routines in the New Year – Young Wife’s Guide

Getting back into routines in the New Year
on January 14, 2016 by Jami Balmet

I am focusing on cultivating more joy in my life this year. Slowing down long enough to be thankful for all that God gives. Choosing gratitude and intentionally being content, truly content, throughout my days. My goals and focus this year all have to do with choosing JOY!

But the thing is, it’s really hard to focus on Joy, when you’re living in chaos! And our days have been chaos for the last 6-12 months. Having a set of twins, 2 sibling’s weddings, Thanksgiving, my husband’s birthday, Christmas, my older twins 3rd birthday, and my birthday all within six months is the perfect recipe for a chaotic Fall.

Authentic Suburban Gourmet: Classic French Onion Soup 

This week the days have been a bit warmer in the Bay Area, yet the evenings are crisp. I crave a brilliant bowl of piping hot soup when there is a chill in the air and the sky is dark. It brings a sense of comfort and warmth. Our fireplace has gone non-stop this winter and it brings us much joy.