My Homemaking Mentor – An Online Training Academy – April 3RD.


Homemaking Ministries By Jami Balmet

Do you struggle in managing your home? OR knowing what to make a priority within your days? 

Hi, my name is Jami Balmet and I’m all too familiar with the crushing feeling of being overwhelmed, alone, and even defeated in knowing how to care for and manage my home.

When I first got married, I was an excited and enthusiastic new wife, ready to make a home out of our tiny one bedroom apartment. 

But I was far from prepared to manage a home. I was never taught (or frankly had interest in learning) how to cook, how to keep up on cleaning, how to effectively plan my time, or even what a godly marriage looks like. 

So as a result, I’ve spent over 7 years exploring my homemaking. Digging into God’s Word to discover what we should be spending our time on each day. 

What does it mean to run and manage a Gospel-Centered Home?