Thanksgiving Eve : Making Your Home A Haven Week 4 /I AM THANKFUL From Sarah

Ester 4 : 16

From Sarah :
This will be short.
It’s almost 3:30 and Danny will be off shortly. As in any time.
I was gone most of the days. I had something I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO DO (Nothing to do with Thanksgiving or the holidays). I ended up GETTING A LOT DONE.
I AM THANKFUL that I was able to get something notarized and sent off with too much of a problem. (My bank was the only hitch. They don’t do certain property transfers.
I was TOLD to go to UPS.)
I AM THANKFUL that the roads weren’t nearly as crowded as I thought they would be.
Everyone was in a GREAT MOOD.
I AM THANKFUL that I was feeling good. That the weather was good for Florida.
I got some things done that I have put off doing for a long, long time.
It was just a good day.
So no time today on the computer.
That probably did me some good.
Happy THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!
Danny works tomorrow. I plan to volunteer or just hang out with him. We have our ANNUAL THANKSGIVING DINNER at the park. I need to cook tonight.
Everything turned out great for the church dinners we did for the shut ins and less fortunate. Danny and I did an awesome job on our end. So did everyone else.
Enjoy family time.
Love And Hugs,