Oyster Parties Part 2 (Less Formal)

Oyster Parties Part 2 (Less Formal) By Sarah’s Attic of Treasures From Resources On Line https://wordpress.com/post/sarahsatticoftreasures.com/28345 Southern Oysters By Southern Living http://www.southernliving.com/food/entertaining/oyster-roast/oyster-roast_5 Planning Your Oyster Roast “ Before your party gets underway, you’ll need a few items for cooking and shucking the oysters. For planning, figure a bushel (about 50 pounds) for every 5 people….

My Afternoon At Home Waiting For Danny To Get Home

Got Danny’s ice tea  ready first. I never know when he will come home early when it starts thundering and lightning. His tea : 2 gallon sized teabags in a 1 gallon tea pitcher.  NO LEMONS . No sugar.  STRONG. Mine : 1  maybe  2 regular tea bag(s ) if it’s real tea. Lemons /…