My Homemaking Mentor – An Online Training Academy – April 3RD. Homemaking Ministries By Jami Balmet Do you struggle in managing your home? OR knowing what to make a priority within your days?  Hi, my name is Jami Balmet and I’m all too familiar with the crushing feeling of being overwhelmed, alone, and even defeated in knowing how to care for and manage my home….

Getting back into routines in the New Year – Young Wife’s Guide

Getting back into routines in the New Year
on January 14, 2016 by Jami Balmet

I am focusing on cultivating more joy in my life this year. Slowing down long enough to be thankful for all that God gives. Choosing gratitude and intentionally being content, truly content, throughout my days. My goals and focus this year all have to do with choosing JOY!

But the thing is, it’s really hard to focus on Joy, when you’re living in chaos! And our days have been chaos for the last 6-12 months. Having a set of twins, 2 sibling’s weddings, Thanksgiving, my husband’s birthday, Christmas, my older twins 3rd birthday, and my birthday all within six months is the perfect recipe for a chaotic Fall.

When Your Kitchen Feels Out of Control (Help with Meal Planning) – Young Wife’s Guide Young Wife’s Guide : When Your Kitchen Feels Out Of Control. Help With Meal Planning.  So get out your favorite cookbooks and recipe cards. Check out Pinterest. Gather your different favorites together.   Meal Planning Broken Down.  Jami has lots of great tips listed here.   She explains how you can do it with…

Hello September. GOODBYE AUGUST.  Sarah’s Rambles …. What Is Coming Up. 

This starts my favorite  2 seasons.  Fall And Winter. I still don’t think of Florida when I think of cooler weather, pumpkins,  leaves changing, hoodies, candles and wonderful scents.  Family Times    Old Fashioned Holidays  Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas.  Danny and my birthdays. Our Anniversary.  Snow.  I get excited thinking about it. Until, I am…