12 Days Of Christmas Kindness- Day 2

12 Days of Christmas Kindness – Day Two! Karen Ehman, 06 Dec 04:00 AM Tweet It’s Day Two of 12 Days of Christmas Kindness, giving simple and doable ideas for reaching out to others during the Christmas season. If you missed Day One, where we love bombed our family members with sticky notes, click here. For…

Making Your Home A Haven Series : From All Over The Internet  Part 1 (Comments From Sarah)

Cook things with pleasant aromas like homemade bread, pies, and cookies. Don’t wait to have a reason to make something special – do it simply to show love to your family. Invite your kids and/or hubby to cook along side of you – make memories in the kitchen – test tasting, being creative, laughing and loving. Remember the importance of dinner time around the table as a family.

Live out the fruit of the Spirit this week by showing
love, goodness and faithfulness to your family.

Fling Open Your Doors and Let Others In! – Women Living Well

Don’t just make loving your family your aim during this challenge. As a family, reach out and bring others into your circle of love! Brainstorm as a family a person—or perhaps even another family—whom you can make the object of your love and kindness this week.

Lean In and Listen for a Heart Drop – Women Living Well

{Welcome back to Week 3 of our Making Your Home a Haven Series! If you are just joining us, be sure to read the post from week one and the post from week two to bring yourself up to speed. Then, be sure to come back to this post for this week’s challenge!}

How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy – Women Living Well

How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

October 4, 2016 by Courtney234 Comments

Welcome to week one of the 2016 Making Your Home a Haven Challenge! I’m so thankful for our guest – {New York Times Best Selling Author and Proverbs 31 Speaker} –Karen Ehman.  Check out her welcome video here – she made this just for you!

Karen writes:

I’m delighted to be leading us through this year’sMaking Your Home a Haven challenge! Thanks so much to Courtney for allowing me to connect with you all. I’m so ready to get started sharing ideas as we all encourage each other to make our homes inviting and welcoming for our families and for anyone God sends our way!

First of all, we have two free printables for you to download and print on paper (or cardstock) to help with the challenge: the four weekly challenges and the key scripture verse.

Keep these where you can see them often. You may even wish to memorize the verse from Hebrews over the next month. Totally optional, but totally doable with your cute, designed scripture card we’re giving you here. 

Download the challenge schedule here.

Download the key verse of the challenge here.

Now let’s begin with this week’s challenge:

Week One:

Create an atmosphere of coziness in your home.

Make it your aim to create an inviting, welcoming spot for your family; a haven with an aroma and look that is pleasing to the eye.

Purchase a large fragrant candle in your favorite fall scent. (Or pick out your favorite oil scent or simmering potpourri)Each day, light the candle as you whisper a prayer for the family members that dwell in your home. Pray for them by name. Thank God for them and also lift any specific requests you have about them to the Lord. Don’t rush, reflect. Praise God for the privilege of being a mom, wife, sister, daughter….whatever role you have in your particular family.

Spend just a few minutes straightening up the main living area where your family normally hangs out. Cultivate the practice of paying just a little extra attention to the look of the home—as well as the hearts of those that dwell there—throughout this entire challenge. Take some time this week to also make it look a little festive and fall-ish around your home.