Our Simple Family Christmas Traditions


Infinite and an infant

Eternal, yet born of a woman…

Oh, the wonder of Christmas.

~ Charles Spurgeon ~

Our Simple Family Christmas Traditions
By The Thankful Homemaker

Christmas has always been one of our favorite times of the year. For many years our family celebrated Christmas as non-believers. We did all the normal traditions but left Jesus out because we didn’t know Him. When my husband and I came to know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior that changed how we viewed Christmas.

Christmas has now become a joyous celebration with a purpose. It is a time of worship and giving thanks to the One who has granted us eternal life.

We still celebrated many of the same family traditions we loved but now we had a whole different reason to be celebrating. We tweaked some traditions, changed some and started some new ones.

I have always had a mindset of, the simpler the tradition; the more likely it will be carried out. There are so many ways to celebrate this season to keep the focus on Christ. I want to share some of these simple traditions our family adapted that pointed us to the Lord and have become loved and cherished memories we now have together and now continue to have with our grandchildren.

Preparing our hearts by reading an Advent book together in the evenings leading up to Christmas was a tradition we all looked forward too. Many years we would just read through the scriptures and have a time of prayer together.  When our children were young, we read more family and children focused advent books. As our family aged together we would read more adult focused advent devotionals.

Decorating the tree together as a family continues to be a favorite tradition and now carries on with the grand babies.  We play music, eat not good for us cookies ;), and just enjoy the memories of the ornaments gathered over the years.

I have a basket set up of favorite Christmas stories and a basket with favorite Christmas movies. We watch the same movies every year and add new ones to the collection as they come out. The Nativity Story has been a recent favorite to watch every Christmas. Our kids looked forward to this time of year because those would now become the bedtime stories and the movie night choices.  Peace: Classic Readings for Christmas by Stephen Nichols is one we have picked up time and again.  It is a beautiful keepsake book that will draw your heart continually back to the meaning, purpose and significance of Christmas.  

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