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Amazing Dinner Roles

   These rolls really are what the title states… AMAZING! They are from Ann Romney’s cookbook The Romney Family Table. ( Have I told you all that I’m a cookbook hoarder?! lol) I heard rave reviews about Ann’s cookbook from a few of my blogger friends, so when I bought myself a copy I was so excited to look through it. There are so many recipes I want to try, but these rolls went to the top of my must-make list. 

   I love to make homemade rolls. My family has basically made me the official roll-maker for holidays and parties. These World’s Best Dinner Rolls have always been my go-to recipe. I’ll definitely still make them, but these Amazing Dinner Rolls are tied for the win.

  I will admit, the instructions to these may be a little different to typical rolls you’re used to making. I was a little surprised myself, but just trust me on this recipe. The end result will be soft, buttery and totally amazing dinner rolls. Just like the title says