A Different Kind Of Love

GIVEAWAY: A Different Kind of Love Gwen Smith shares LEAH DIPASCAL with us.   Love … it certainly is easy to find this time of year. Cleverly tucked within greeting cards. Showcased in romantic movies on the Hallmark Channel. And nestled within tiny velvet jewelry boxes. I admit that kind of love is fun, exciting…

A Strong Marriage Community: 4 Ways to Grow Your Support System

My daughter and her husband get together with two other couples every week, and they chose to study my book 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage (and I didn’t even make them or anything!). They’re using the free study guide I have for it (and you can all use that, too!). The only rule they have is that if they’re ever talking about something in the book that refers to sex, they’re no longer talking about Keith and Sheila. They’re Craig and Shelly, for Rebecca’s sake (because seriously, who wants to talk about her mom and dad having sex?)