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Make Over Your Mornings  by Crystal Paine.

I need to work through Crystal’s  Make Over Your Evenings Course as well as her Make Over Your Year one again.

She really does give you everything you need to get started.

There is a video for every day.

Her first lesson is free.

FROM SARAH :  Wriiten a few years ago.

Jami Belmont of Young Wife’s Guide is doing Make Over Your Mornings. She started it in a Facebook group this week.

I have gone through it once before, last January.  Skipping around and not totally working through it.

All the pages from the workbook were printed out. But never filled in.

I wasn’t feeling all that great then. Tired and restless. I should have worked it then..All of it.

So for the next 2 weeks, I am going through it with Jami. You all, will be my accountability partners.

Danny just blows off anything to do with my blog….. my internet activites…. unless it has to do with trains.

Only part of the setup we have now.

I.will also be working through this course again starting on August 29, when Heidi Marahell. Hoping to really dig deep then. There are so many resources out there on morning routines. Evening routines. I read everything.

Anawins Blog

Morning Motivated Mom’s

Evening Routine

Morning Motivated Mom
Our schedule is crazy. Danny and I are both LATE LATE NIGHTERS. ( Which is good for us as a couple). We love to stay up late and sleep in late.

His late field days and the 5 days he is off  every other week allows us to do this.

Danny manages getting up early 6 AM because he sleeps so soundly the few hours he has at night.Plus, in the summer months , especially,  he takes long naps when he gets home from work.

I, on the other hand,  don’t ever sleep well at night. Or I should say, I seldom , EVER sleep well, if I sleep at all.

I am an insomniac.

I am also at my best emotionally and physically at night.  Even when I am in a lupus flair.

So I have learned to sleep when I can, for as long as I can.

So why am I working through Making Over Your Morning Course?

Because I need to learn to make the best of them. To enjoy them.

To make use of my quiet mornings by myself.

For Bible Study. In-depth  Bible Study most days.

In the early mornings when Danny has to get up at 6 AM   Or more accurately,  when his alarm goes off at 6AM. He does not just get up.

No, the alarm goes off for at least 2 more times. If not 3 or 4.

That IRRITATES me to no end. I hate alarms.

Most mornings,  if I am in bed , I get up before it goes off. Or as soon as it goes off the first time. I won’t lay around.

So I get up and I function on automatic pilot.

Mornings are easy for me because I have done everything the night before. (Except FOR THE  DISHES) . They are rinsed well and stacked neatly.

I am working on this.  I am getting better.

I love on Mr. Bojangles. Make sure he and the rabbit have plenty of water. The rabbit is in the kitchen for the summer.

Bible Study in the kitchen before Danny gets up.

The coffee is already made for Danny. I try NOT TO LET THE SMELL GAG ME.

I get his lunch out of the refrigerator and into his lunch box. Along with his drinks.

Next Bible Study until Danny gets up.

I stop everything when Danny first comes in to grab his coffee.

I stop it again when he comes in dress for work we visit as he is getting his boots on. His belt. Etc.

A kiss and he is off.

If I am not feeling well or really exhausted,  I go back to bed. Then get up when I am ready to.

On good mornings like today,  I continue my Bible study.  Then I start on this course.  I often take photos of the sun coming up. Of the glow from the lights in the early morning hours.

Me this morning.

I’ve moved into the living room where I can watch the sun come up. Watch the construction crew drive past..

The work radio is on..

The day has begun.

Happy Wednesday From Rolling Meadows Ranch And Our Neck Of The Woods.