Making Your Home A Haven Series : From All Over The Internet   (Comments From Sarah)

Cook things with pleasant aromas like homemade bread, pies, and cookies. Don’t wait to have a reason to make something special – do it simply to show love to your family. Invite your kids and/or hubby to cook along side of you – make memories in the kitchen – test tasting, being creative, laughing and loving. Remember the importance of dinner time around the table as a family.

Live out the fruit of the Spirit this week by showing
love, goodness and faithfulness to your family.

Turning Your Home Into A Safe Haven: Tips For Parents — simple Ula

We all want our homes to be safe havens, but it becomes increasingly important to create a secure sanctuary when you have children. As a parent, your number one priority is keeping your child safe and making sure they’re happy and content. Providing a comfortable, serene environment is key. If you’re expecting, you’ve recently welcomed […]…