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The electoral college was created by the founders of this country as part of the constitution. It’s not a recent law we can change or rescind. To remove it would require an amendment to the Constitution. Which is not happening. The assigned electors per state can be (and are) adjusted to make the college more representative and reflective of the U.S. population. But eliminated? I doubt it.
The electoral college was created to balance the power and interests of populous, industrial states and make sure agricultural, rural states with lower populations don’t get trampled in national elections.

Sarah Speaks Out:   My  Choices And Why I Will Be Voting Differently In November. PLEASE Add Your Comments.  Be Nice. 

From Sarah:

I am a Republican who will probably be voting for The Libertarian Party come November.

Danny is a Libertarian and as far as I was concerned, had been throwing his vote away for years.

Or had he?

This time I will be voting for a 3rd party, even though I am very much a Republican.

I believe that we need a 3rd viable party. Maybe even a 4th . The people aren’t being heard.

The Democrats and The Republicans have been doing their own thing for way too long. Neither side is able to work with the other. Oftentimes, they can’t even work within their own party.

The Republican Party hasn’t been a strong party that works together for years. The Tea Party is proof of that.


Today is America’s Independence Day. It celebrates the announcement of the Declaration of Independence, our formal statement to King George and Great Britain that we no longer were willing to… Source: INDEPENDENCE, CONCISELY

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