Eat at Home Challenge: Crockpot Cantonese Sweet & Sour Pork Chops (Day 1) – Money Saving Mom®  From Money Saving Mom (Crystal Paine) Eat At Home Challenge:  Crockpot Cantonese Sweet And Sour Park Chops:  Day 1 The recipe was incredibly easy to make and it smells SO good! My family is excited to try it tonight! We’re going to be serving it over rice (remember the rice I made and froze…

3 Easy Steps to Meal Planning for Busy Moms – Simplified Pantry

By LaToya Edwards

I have this problem: my children like to eat. I mean 4 or 5 times a day they are asking for a meal or a snack. I bet you have the same problem at your house.

As a new mom I really struggled with getting meals planned, bought and cooked each day. I remember trying every single method of planning and prepping that I read about. I was so overwhelmed that I just didn’t know what to do. I wanted to have healthy meals for my boys but I also didn’t want to spend hours and hours each week clipping coupons and searching for deals.

So one day I sat down with pen in hand and come up with a really simple way to meal plan that has worked for me over the past few years. Are you ready?

Easy Meal Plan Sunday – Week 74 – Dinner at the Zoo

Often, with a boneless turkey breast, the meat tends to be dry, but marinating it in buttermilk solves that problem, and you end up with moist, tender turkey that’s easy to slice and serve.
Keep in mind that you’ll need to marinade your turkey for 8-12 hours, so plan accordingly. Trust me, it’s what make this turkey so moist and delkcious! And don’t forget about any additional time you might need to defrost your turkey.

This technique also works with a bone-in turkey breast, if you prefer, although you may have to marinate it in a stock pot rather than a large zip-top bag. This is such a delicious solution to a whole Thanksgiving turkey, I often make two boneless turkey breasts for my family, rather than one large turkey.

Meal Plan // Week 40 – What’s Gaby Cooking

Are you guys getting as pumped for Thanksgiving as me? What’s Gaby Cooking has turned into Thanksgiving central but meal plans aren’t going anywhere! This week is loaded with all sorts of delicious eats, and as we get closer to the holidays, I’ll start incorporating some great recipes for entertaining when you have friends and family in town. But in the meantime… here’s what’s on the menu this week:

What’s For Dinner? Check out this week’s meal plan! – The Weary Chef

by: andi gleeson // updated: november 6, 2016

what’s for dinner? check out this week’s meal plan!

Asking yourself what’s for dinner? My weekly meal plans full of easy dinner recipes are the answer! This customizable menu is updated weekly and includes a grocery list builder. Dinner just got a whole lot easier!

(Shown: BBQ Chicken Burgers, Black Eyed Peas with Rice, Salmon Taquitos,Chinese Green Beans with Turkey, Chili Macaroni, andLemon Couscous Salad

Picture this: It’s the end of the day, and you have hungry mouths to feed (or at least your own mouth). You don’t have the energy to think of what to make or the time to cook something elaborate, but you still want a home cooked meal. What are you going to do??

Don’t even worry because I’ve got you covered! The situation above describes me every day, and I manage to cook dinner for my family almost every night. (We all need to order delivery occasionally…) I started this here blog for this very reason: To share myeasy dinner recipes andweekly meal plans so you don’t have to think about what to make for dinner.

Not only have I figured out the recipes for you, I’m also able to help you with your grocery list! Whether you use my suggested dinner menu or want to build your own, you can generate your very own grocery list from there. Then, send a unique link to yourself or someone else who is going to do the shopping, and you’ll have a paperless version of your list to use at the grocery store! You can get more details and a tutorial video all about that on my grocery list page.

For my first few years, I published a new dinner menu every week, and all 190 of those past menus are available right here. Going forward, I’ve decided to make THIS the destination for this week’s dinner menu! That means you can bookmark, pin, or memorize this here page and check back every week to see my suggested recipes for the coming week.

What’s Cooking in November {Join Me!} – Chaos 2 Peace

Before you eat please bless the food.  While you are blessing the food please say a special thank you for the person who first looked at biscuit dough and thought it would be a great idea to boil it and then add chicken.  God bless you inventor of chicken and dumplin

Weekly Dinner Menu #186: Back to School Dinners – The Weary Chef Monday is back to school for many of you. This week I will be sharing back to school menus and tools you might need.  First up: The Weary Chef’s Back To School Menu.  Enjoy your back to school first week.

How To Organize Your Day (For Moms)

​  A Virtuous Woman: How To Organize Your  Day (For Moms)   From Sarah: The title says for  moms but much of the material here can be used for anyone of almost any age. Men, women and children. This article is more of an ebook. A mini book of how tos and ideas. There are numerous…