A Terrific To Do List For Every Expectant Mother — simple Ula

The moment you find out you’re going to have a baby your life instantly changes. Your mind starts to whirl with emotions at the thought of being responsible for another life. Before you enter panic mode, it is important to think about the positive. When you’re having a baby, there are several things you need… A…

Why My Teenage Boys Carry a Tampon and Pad in Their Backpacks :From Sarah: This made me tear up in a good way.

Raising teenage boys is basically a constant cycle of laundry piles, feeding voracious hunger, nagging, laughter, and little, quick, teachable moments just like this one. Anything you can do to help them navigate the difference between things that are a big deal (like keeping your friends safe at parties, being aware of your surroundings, and the safety of others around you) and things that are NO big deal (like puberty, periods, and yes, bleed-throughs) can make a huge difference.