Dreaming Of Bobby / Friday, July 17, Should Have Been His 40th Birthday


The following is a repost.

I Slept From 9 PM Wednesday Night Till 4 PM Thursday Afternoon.

I was so tired last night. Oh so tired. I remember walking into the kitchen to tell Danny I was going to bed. He just looked at me and then at the clock.
I fell asleep right away. I seldom do that.
I never heard anything until Danny came to bed. Never heard all the sounds that go on at night that always keep me awake. The interaction between Danny and Mr, Bojangles. The noise of the animals underneath the house or the rain that fell.
I slept soundly. Dreaming Of Bobby and his cousins when they were little. Dreaming of my parents. I feel as if I dreamed all night. Wonderful dreams of yesterday.
This morning, the sun was bright and I just rolled over on my side.
I heard Danny get up and I looked at the clock. It was 9:10.
I’d been sleeping for 12 hours.
I went back to sleep and slept soundly. More wonderful dreams.
Even when I finally got up at 4 PM, I could have slept some more. Yet, I knew I wouldn’t dream again. I got up.
I’d slept for 19 hours.
A little sad, that Bobby can only be heard in my dreams and on a few old cassette tapes I have.
Yet, happy and very thankful. that for hours….We were together again.
Mom and her son….Simply having fun.
Love you Bobby. Love my Memories Of You. My Dreams.

3 months old.
Bobby and I at my grandparent’s house.
Colorado 1984.
Bobby, Mike, Leah, Dan and I. La Veta, Colorado 1985
Bobby and His momma
Mom and Dad