My Road Trip To Illinois Has Begun/Part 1

My Road Trip To Illinois My trip  actually began around 10 PM. I was amazed how relaxed  I was tonight.  All day, in fact. I had the house picked up. Vacuumed. Laundry : Washed, Dried And put away. Dishes washed and put away. I was packed by midafternoon. I amazed myself and actually got unpacked…

A Very Brief Rant. Mornings ARE NOT MY FRIEND.

I am not a morning person. I never have been. I love staying up late. I love the nights.  The world is quieter. Mornings bring noise. If nothing else, it brings the park into our home through the radio. First you have the blare of an alarm clock. Then the repeated alarm sounds as Danny…

Way Too Early To Start My Day /Sarah’s Ramblings

Way Too Early To Start My Day It’s December 12th. Danny’s alarm has been going off for almost 30 minutes. I hate alarms anyway so I really can’t stand “SNOOZE”. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. I got up as soon as the alarm went off the first time. I need to get Danny…

Monday! Monday! Life In Our Neck Of The Woods/ Rolling Meadows Ranch

Monday! Monday! Bah-da bah-da-da-daBah-da bah-da-da-daBah-da bah-da-da-da Monday, Monday, so good to meMonday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would beOh Monday mornin’, Monday mornin’ couldn’t guaranteeThat Monday evenin’ you would still be here with me Monday, Monday, can’t trust that dayMonday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that wayOh Monday mornin’ you gave me…

Quieting Your Heart For The Holidays/ Update from Sarah On Week 1 And Life In Our Neck Of The Woods/ Week 2 / By Time Warp Wife

From Sarah :
I am starting this wonderful study today. I wasn’t prepared for it when Advent started last week. I could blame it on the fact we were in Plant City until Tuesday of the first week. I had plenty of time to get ready for it here. I could have shared the first week on time but I chose family (In my case , Danny) and held off. Lighting Advent candles at a B & B could have been done. We had the whole house to ourselves. I still chose not to. I wasn’t ready (in my heart ) to begin.
MY HEART hasn’t been QUIET in a very long time.
I was praying that our mini- vacation would bring us closer and in a way it did. Yet, NOT IN THE WAYS I NEEDED IT TO.

Four Days In Plant City : Trains/ Large And Small

Danny And I were in Plant City for 4 days and 3 nights. We left our house around 10:30 AM Saturday Morning, November 30th. If it would have been up to me, we would have left the night before. LOL, Probably not though.The traffic would have been a lot worse than it was Saturday morning….

A Day Late/ Monday’s Bible Verse

s From Sarah, I wrote and shared a number of posts yesterday. I can’t believe I didn’t share the Verse Of the Day from Making Your Home A Haven Series.I thought of it last night. About the same time I realized that I hadn’t posted the Introduction to Ann VosKamp Bible Study I just started….

Thank You Florida! Fall Is Here In Our Neck Of The Woods!

The last few years, Florida has had much hotter weather. Winter never came. In January, we saw 90 degree temperatures. We were still While I am thriving, Danny is freezing . Of Course he has been cold all summer when it was in the 80’s here. The AC has only been off one day. Today…

Yes, I Appreciated What I Had By Sarah

 From :Thursday’s Motivational Quote – September 24, 2015 (Yes, I Appreciated What I Had) I’ve always been aware if all the things that I have. When I was a child, I knew my parents were exceptional. I was well aware of the love between them was rare. They had a very special kind of love. One that…

Fun Times Trying To Blog By Sarah

Fun Times Trying To Blog By Sarah It should be a lot easier than it is to post here or anywhere for that matter. Ha! Ha! I should be USED TO SLOW INTERNET. Or not having it at times. There is SLOW and Then THERE IS SNAIL PACE. So I decided I would reblog some…

I Am Thankful For An Awesome Event And Being Able To Rest Afterwards – Day 15

I was the go to person for getting everything set up at the park.
Our volunteer co-ordinator made arrangements for the actual event. I am very glad I didn’t have to. Sometimes it is nice to be in the background getting it done and not having to be the person in the spotlight. She dealt with All the media.
Even Danny was left out of most of it.
We got the BALL rolling and worked on it for 3 years behind the scenes.
It was wonderful though for it to be acknowledged officially.

Feeling Strange Not Being Able To Post.  Happy Sunday.  

Written Sunday morning. I hate not having internet. What I really hate is not letting anyone know why I am not posting or not having anyway to contact you. You can text me at 863-733-6632. Please DON’T CALL. I am NOT MUCH OF A PHONE PERSON.  Those that message regularly,  I would love to hear…

 A Funny Story From Sarah … A Mary Verses Martha Story

A Mary Verses Martha Story: How To Become The Right Kind Of Hostess (And What I Was Doing Wrong )by Teresa Swanstrom Anderson  AND A True Story From My Teens.  From Sarah : It is  always better to enjoy your time with your guests than it is to worry about what dishes to use and…