This Week In Our Neck Of The Woods Part 1 NASCAR

This Week In Our Neck Of The Woods  Fireworks after the NASCAR race Saturday. At Daytona  No one hurt. Amazing. Danny is talking to Mr. Bojangles. Being silly. Food  Shrimp and Crabmeat,  Chicken :  Fried  Family Time  Danny is watching NASCAR. Got to have the food.

Sunday From Our Neck Of The Woods

Danny took today off so we could sleep in and rest. Then watched Talladega…. NASCAR. WHAT A RACE. Pizza …homemade. Shrimp. Crabmeat Cheese, Meat Etc Sundays are the ONLY days he gets to eat in the living room. NASCAR is FAMILY TIME. Still in his jammies. OK Mom, Where is my SHRIMP? It was an…

Watching NASCAR By Myself

Watching NASCAR by myself.   Boring. Not enough SHRIMP. Mr. Bojangles loves it. No Danny. Waiting for him in the porch. He is stuck in the Ranger Station. The park is busy.

Our Neck Of The Woods

This is from my Our Neck Of The Woods Facebook Page Our Life. Lake Kissimmee State Park, Rolling Meadows Ranch and Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, Lake Wales, Florida. Where we work, live, play, cry and most of all Love each other.. Come and sit a spell. Danny and I share so…

This Past Week In Our Neck Of The Woods

This will be the first time I have tried to write a post like this with lot’s of pictures and descriptions. We had a rather uneventful week here on Rolling Meadows Ranch (RMR). Or at least I did. Danny worked at the park all week. We are still in the busy season and full of…