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Why I Care About Likes and Follows. Please go there………

I wrote the following in a comment I made to Opinionated Man:
“I wrote a post about this earlier this month.  It was about my  You are following this blog with ….. amazing other people.
I almost took it off because I couldn’t stand to see anyone leave.
I started paying more attention to it than anything else.
I had lost 3 or 4 people in a row.
I was so hurt.
It was also right after I finally started to write myself and not reblogging ALL the time…..
I wrote one of my pieces on Bobby and I. It was actually an upbeat post as most of them are. People share their kids all the time.Well, I shared mine.
I was crushed. Broken up inside. I had asked what they wanted to see posted and was told they wanted to see more about me…..More of my life.
It wasn’t until I posted how I felt….that I realized, there will always be some people who can’t handle reading about the dead. Grandparents and older people are ok. A child or your child…that’s not ok.
I also had to be reminded that I WAS NEVER going to please everyone ALL the time. My article might not have had anything to do with it. It could have been another post.
I left the “You are ….” Up and I still look at it each and every time I am there. I even take pictures of the numbers because a part of me expects to lose a bunch. I was never like that on Facebook. I cared but not like I do now. Our BLOGS ARE WHO WE ARE. Today, when I first got on , I realized I was down 3 people. Next time I was up 5. I had trouble being excited for the 5 new ones I got. I wanted about the 3 I lost. Not necessarily wanted them as much as I wanted to know why they left.
I am adding a link to the post I write earlier.
Followers Went Down. It happens.

Followers Went Down …….It Happens

Again, Please read the following post:
Why I Care About Likes And  Followers

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