Day One Of A 10 Day Series : Simplifying Our Lives


10 Day Series : Simplifying Our Lives
Room To Breathe 1 – Create a Master To-Do List

Hi friend,

Today marks Day 1 of a 10-day series on simplifying our lives. Thank you for joining me on this journey to trim the unneeded stuff from our lives.

We live in a culture of excess. And while I’m thankful for the opportunities, the choices of what to do with my time, money and energy can overwhelm me.

There is something deep in my heart that cries for simplicity.

That’s why I’ve chosen the name of my blog as Room to Breathe. It’s my heart’s desire to have abundant margin in my life – not to be scheduled down to the minute with things to do and places to go.

My brain craves time to think, create, dream. My schedule should be pleasantly productive with flexibility to help a friend or head to lunch with a family member. My home functions better when there is a foundation of order. Truth be told, I’m a much nicer wife and mother when I’m not stressed out about mess.

I always say, if something isn’t a problem, then it isn’t a problem. What I mean is if clutter doesn’t bother you or your family, or it doesn’t hinder you from doing what you want, then it isn’t a problem. But for those who feel they are in a constant battle to reclaim some breathing room in their lives, this series is for you.

I want to share 10 things that have made a difference for me as a busy wife, mother, homemaker and employee. These will be tips or ideas you can use that day. They won’t be long blog posts. I just want to dash in for a moment, and help you make some small changes in your life.

Small changes make a difference. Success builds on success. Over time, you’ll feel more in control, and less like the world is against you.

Without some sort of approach, thought or plan, our lives will not become simpler. They will continue to expand as we say yes to choice after choice. This leads to clutter, hurry, exhaustion. But the Lord’s way is peaceful, ordered, simple.

So, that’s our goal. Let’s start Day 1 with what made the most difference in helping me create a manageable schedule:

Create a Master To-Do List

At some point, you’ll have a pretty good summary of everything you need to do. You’ll probably feel two different emotions. 1) Panic at all you have to do. But 2) the better emotion will be relief. Because finally, the truth is out there, and now you can do something about it.