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Life Is A Bit Messy Here In Our Neck Of The Woods By Sarah

This was written the first of last month.

Not really sure how to start or what to say.

Not good because I can usually find  the words. 

First off : the easy stuff. Every one knows by now that I have internet issues. It’s always slow.

Some days it is slower than others. Days where it would be better not to have a light on saying we have a signal.

We even have days we don’t have it at all .

The side effects of living in the country. 

Our power was also out this past week. It is way too hot here in Florida for THAT. 

AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH: my smart phone died. It won’t turn on.

No money to buy another one so I am using Very cheap and hard to use one. 

My the ‘s turn out to be tge ‘s .

I can’t seem to hit the p.

An example :

Tge ketter is gard to write. I cant seem to do antthibg wrute. 


 Those are the easy things to write about.

Life in Our Neck Of The Woods is a bit harder.

I need all of you prayer warriors to do what you do best.


For Danny and I.

For my struggle to keep our marriage going. 

I can’t go into it. 

Well, I won’t.

I am just hanging on by a thread. Hurting. 


As far as what I am working on: 

Tomorrow starts Time Warp Wife’s Romans Bible Study. Darlene is amazing. 

Several Good Morning groups are doing it as well.

I am behind posting all of the information.