Our Fall Roundup At The Park-


It was one of our first really nice mornings this fall. We have only had a few NOT SO HOT ONES.
Clear Blue Sky…Something we haven’t seen much of.
Getting ready to cross the Wooden Bridge Over Zipprer Canal and onto Buster Island.

Looking at the Weir. The flood gates/locks are open.This is looking East towards Lake Kissimmee, FLorida’s 3rd largest lake.

Looking to the right/West at Zipprer Canal heading towards Lake Rosalie. I am crossing the wooden bridge and will be on an island.
Buster Island.

The grass is still WET here from the flooding we had on the island. 
I didn’t get there until after they had rounded up the first group…The Wild Bunch.

Once again, I am sorry for the quality of many of the photos. The camera has NO SLD Light And I can’t adjust anything. I also can’t see anything either.
The one below is a photo of a very fast moving group of cows and Charlie, Our Cowboy.

Danny and “Lil” Andi.

 My Hero, who is for once listening to me and NOT trying to rustle  with the cows. My Honey.
I do love that man.

Andy- Manager / Charlie Cowboy And Andi.
”Little Josh” is way in the back down in the pen. At our Park We have 2 Andy- Andi’s

2 Josh’s – One Little Josh and One Big Josh

2 Debbie’s Although I don’t go by Debbie Here.

And soon to have 2
Pat’s .
One Pat….AllenDavid Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park (Connected to Rolling Meadows Ranch) and A new Park Ranger (November) called Patrick.
Below Our Pat from Catfish Creek – Cook
Pat is in the photo below.
The arm you keep seeing belongs to Erik our Biologist.
Pat, Mark and 2 Ladies OUT OF TALLAHASSEE. 

Danny and Andi
One of the horses, the one on the left is a horse for pleasure use mainly….The other one belongs to Charlie and is a WORK HORSE.

Charlie and Josh.

You’d better get out of their way. Dany knows I am trying to take a photo of him,
Pat and Mark

These are all done. 

Headed out to take a break. We had it easier with this bunch because they did a smaller roundup a few weeks ago for a special event. So we had less cows to roundup here. END OF PART 2.