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Reblogging From Ally’s Kitchen. Potato Salad

eastern european red potato dill yogurt salad

From Sarah: Potato salad at it’s best.

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Re-posted From Cooking In Sens: Steak, Potatoes and Asparagus

From Sarah: I love everything about this.

Cooking in Sens


It has just occurred to me why many of our vegetables are not correctly labeled; green squash for zucchini, green apple for Granny Smith, red pear for Anjou and the potential disaster, yellow squash for spaghetti squash.


You see, we Americans, unlike Galina’s people in the Soviet Union, have always been free to travel to whatever country we want, except maybe Cuba.  With all this uncontrolled gallivanting around, along with our belief in our God given right to say whatever we please wherever we please, we could be in the position to give away American agricultural secrets. So that’s why.


I found these “Tiny Potatoes” at the IGA.  They could be Baby Yellow Dutch but I’m going back to France next month and it’s better not to know  😉

Fried Tiny Potatoes with Bacon

1 lb tiny potatoes, halved

2 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper

5 strips of bacon, fried…

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