Answered Prayers — Christina Chase

Recently, I was telling my friend that I have difficulty “hearing” God when I pray. Often finding it difficult to make decisions in my life, I will turn to God in prayer and ask Him to show me His will, to let me know what He wants me to do. I pray sincerely and then […]…

Finding Beauty in Your Home {LGH #3} Anawins

Homemaking/ Lifegiving Home Challenge Finding Beauty in Your Home {LGH #3} Anawins : Do you struggle with finding joy in your home? Not the chores and constant grind of cooking and cleaning but our physical house. The size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the layout, the lack of storage space. Are you content…

20 Days of Prayer: Introduction 20 Days of Prayer: Introduction If: Gathering Over the next four weeks, we’ll spend time intentionally praying for the church and IF:Gathering 2017. This isn’t a study or even a guide on prayer. In the spirit of IF:Gathering 2017, we’re keeping things very simple. Rather than talking about prayer, we’re simply going to do…

Be Thankful In All Things | Love God Greatly

Don’t you think some of the hardest commands seem to be the ones that are the most clear and straightforward, like “be joyful always,” “pray without ceasing,” and our verse for today, “give thanks in all circumstances?”
I find it hard because there are no loopholes; no room for excuses. We are told plain and simple that God wants our lives to be characterized by thankfulness, and I can’t weasel my way out of that one.
To give thanks in all circumstances does not mean that we plaster on fake smiles and throw out the phrase “praise the Lord” every five minutes. Instead, we are to have a posture of gratitude that flows out of our hearts and is seen in every area and circumstance of our lives.

Sunday Scripture – (in)courage

Right there in the middle of the His prayer, Jesus teaches us — He says it’s okay! — to pray for our daily bread.

Our daily bread.

The bread we need to nourish our bodies and grow our families.

Simple, life-giving bread.

The Lord’s Prayer focuses not only on our spiritual needs, but also on our physical-material needs as well. We can pray for our daily bread. Which means we can pray for our physical needs. And in doing so, we acknowledge God as our Provider, and we recognize our dependence on Him.