Re-posted From Because I Can: The Female Gaze

The Female Gaze Originally posted on Because I Can. I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the female gaze and why it is so unarticulated in our society. I’ve been thinking about how our lives, as women, are so dominated… From Sarah: I really enjoyed this post.

Reposted From With The Grains : A Plentiful Pot of Roasted Tomato & Root Vegetable Soup ( This is a Redo from March).

From Sarah: I love all different kinds of soups… There is just something comforting about homemade soup. Originally posted here on March 23, 2015. I have learned a lot since then. A Plentiful Pot of Roasted Tomato & Root Vegetable Soup

Posted From Debbie Reynolds :Oh So Shabby By Debbie- Living With Autoimmune Disease and Eating Right. Living with Autoimmune Disease and eating right- It’s been a couple of years now after being diagnosed with another Autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s the autoimmune disease not may Dr.’s or us understand well.   For me it has taken my down a time or two. Eat the wrong thing, or have too much stress ( stress…